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Exploring the story behind quality - "Quality" column into Anutric

2017/09/29 00:01
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  On September 27th, Zhang Qingdong, the auditor of the "Quality" column group, went to Anutric (China) Co., Ltd. to inspect and verify and successfully signed the contract.

  On September 27th, Zhang Qingdong, the auditor of the "Quality" column group, went to Anutric (China) Co., Ltd. to inspect and verify and successfully signed the contract.









  "Quality" is a special documentary about the theme of growing companies. The duration is 15 minutes. The broadcast platform: CCTV-Discovery Tour Channel is hosted by CCTV's famous hosts Zhang Tengyue and Li Yuxi.

  Year 2014. President Xi Jinping put forward the important instructions of "three transformations" to promote the transformation of China's manufacturing to China, the transformation of China's speed to China's quality, and the transformation of Chinese products to Chinese brands. The brand and quality are clearly defined in products, enterprises and countries. importance. Under the guidance of this policy, in September 2014, the "Quality" column came into being. The column uses documentary filming techniques and aims to "make China's quality more respected" and is committed to using image power to boost Chinese quality to the world.



  Company Profile

  Anutric (China) Co., Ltd., which specializes in the baby industry for more than ten years, has been committed to the development, production and sales of high-end formula for infants and young children. After years of hard work, Anutric has formed a perfect three-dimensional sales network. It not only has thousands of quality distributors in more than 300 cities across the country, but also has tens of thousands of retail stores, and also in mainstream e-commerce companies such as Tmall and Jingdong. The platform also opened a flagship store. With excellent product quality and perfect management system, it has obtained a good brand image in the infant and dairy industry, and was awarded the title of "International Brand Promotion Pioneer" by the industry authority.
  At the time of registration of infant formula, Anutric has successfully submitted two series of milk powder and goat milk powder to cover different markets and meet different consumer groups. Anutric will continue to uphold the spirit of "high-end precision formula, comprehensive nutrition and balanced", practice the concept of "doing business with heart, using charity with love", and strive to build a first-class enterprise in the international industry with a high sense of social responsibility and gratitude. Give back to the community.
In the next few months, the "Quality" column group will enter Anuxi, in the spirit of science, rigor, and truth-seeking, tell you the story of Annuich's quality, more exciting, so stay tuned...


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