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"Anutrici" brand 2017 special order fair - Anutric station was a complete success

2017/06/16 00:01
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 The Anutric brand summer 2017 trade fair was held on June 15th in Anutric Province in the provincial capital of Hefei Sheraton Hotel. The chairman of Anutric, Fang Ce, marketing director Wang Bing, and mainland China sales director Du Changxin led the company. Anutric business partners attended the new product event together.

  The Anutric brand summer 2017 trade fair was held on June 15th in Anutric Province in the provincial capital of Hefei Sheraton Hotel. The chairman of Anutric, Fang Ce, marketing director Wang Bing, and mainland China sales director Du Changxin led the company. Anutric business partners attended the new product event together.


 The order fair was hot, not only surpassed the competitors, but also surpassed itself and successfully completed the expected ordering target.


  2017 is a year in which infants and young children's milk powder enterprises are full of opportunities and challenges. "Anneuxi" actively initiates innovations and breakthroughs in brands, retail, channels and commodities. Promote brand soaring with continuous and generous brand promotion; use intensive retailing to improve the profitability of single stores; use the channel strategy of regional rise to further expand and strengthen the market; use quality goods and services to return to the original point and create value for customers . In 2017, the management and service of refinement, informatization and human culture will surely promote the "Annuich" business to create a new situation and create new glory!

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