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One hand to raise the baby, one hand delicate life, Annus Mother's Day warmth gift

2019/05/12 00:01
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Mother's Day is coming, and major companies take care of their mothers in turn. As a high-end brand of infant formula, Anutric understands the hardships of "being a mother" and "being a mother." On the mother's day of May 12th, Anutric prepared a topical event for the mothers to create a communication space for moms, improve their parenting knowledge and experience, and reduce parenting for new mothers. Stress, so that the mother does not affect the quality of life while carrying the baby.

Mother's Day is coming, and major companies take care of their mothers in turn. As a high-end brand of infant formula, Anutric understands the hardships of "being a mother" and "being a mother." On the mother's day of May 12th, Anutric prepared a topical event for the mothers to create a communication space for moms, improve their parenting knowledge and experience, and reduce parenting for new mothers. Stress, so that the mother does not affect the quality of life while carrying the baby.


Anutric "newbie mother spit out" to solve problems for novice mothers


When the novice mother is feeding the baby, due to the lack of parenting knowledge, she often encounters a situation in which she is helpless. It is easy to fall into a state of ruin and even affect work and life. On the day of Mother's Day, in the "Mother Tucao Troupe" campaign initiated by Anutric, the expert-level childcare consultants stationed the novice mother Tucao group, and the experts discussed the questions about parenting in the group. The experts will explain the problem for the first time. And instructions.


Some mothers have doubts, what should children do when they sweat?


Some mothers also asked, what should I do if my child does not drink milk?


There is also a mother asking questions, the baby is holding, the joints are ringing, is there a problem with the bones? What should I do?


For the questions that these mothers encountered, the experts gave a scientific and reasonable explanation according to the baby's situation, and gave a solution.


For example, the problem of the baby ringing the joints, Anutric VIP child care consultant gave the answer: because the baby is still small, the total joint of the baby's arm is a normal phenomenon, often because the baby grows quickly, caused by calcium deficiency It is necessary to measure the trace elements and make a final decision. At the same time, it is suggested that the calcium-deficient baby may appear, such as crying and not enjoying the sun. But the solution is also very simple, calcium can be used.


Through patient explanation and guidance, the answers from the Anutric VIP Parenting Consultant not only eased the mother's doubts about the child's health problems, but also provided professional parenting references for other mothers. The new generation of mothers pay great attention to the nutrition and health of the baby. In the past, they had doubts. They could only solve the Internet and search for related parenting knowledge. However, for professional problems, the information on the Internet is easily misleading. With the care of Anutric parenting consultants, the mother in anxiety is more at ease.


In the discussion group, mothers can also spontaneously discuss the knowledge about parenting. Through the exchange of baby growth topics and formula milk powder, the daily suppressed emotions of mothers have also been released, and they have gained happiness in communication. In order to stimulate more mothers to ask questions and share enthusiasm, Anutric provided a gold gift package containing Anutric mother milk powder to help mothers provide nutrients for their baby's nutrition, promote metabolism, and achieve "one hand with baby, one hand delicate "Life", let the novice mother experience the "multifaceted" life.


Anutric's multiple care to promote baby's health and help Bao Ma's exquisite life


For mothers, in addition to supplementing the short board in parenting knowledge, in fact, choosing the right formula, complementary food, etc., can also effectively reduce the common problems of digestion, calcium deficiency, and getting angry in infants and young children, so that mothers can feed the baby. easier.


In the domestic infant formula market, Anutric is such a brand that can help mothers relieve the pressure of the baby. First of all, Anutric goat milk powder uses 100% pure goat whey protein, goat milk powder uses pure goat whey protein, rich in α_casein, immunoglobulin, small particles of fat molecules, and low sensitivity does not get angry. More suitable for Chinese baby absorption. Secondly, in terms of formula, Anutric Goat Milk Powder contains OPO affinity human body structure lipid, as well as nucleotides + whey protein + minerals, DHA + ARA + lutein and other nutrients, which can promote baby digestion and comprehensive help. The baby grows up healthily.


Not only that, Annuxi also selects high-quality milk raw materials from all over the world, from the source to control the quality of milk powder, to ensure no pollution, no added, to produce a good quality milk powder that is conducive to the healthy growth of the baby; in order to ensure quality, Annu Xi strictly in strict accordance with the relevant national standards and regulations to ensure that the baby is provided with safer nutrition, and won the "Made in China 2025" top 100 brands.


Another point to emphasize is that the Annies Goat Milk Powder's all-balanced formula incorporates Swiss imported natural fruit extract to provide the baby with a variety of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber to simulate the rich taste of breast milk. The baby establishes a preliminary taste system, which will have good adaptability to further adding vegetables and fruits to the complementary food, and meet the needs of growth and development. With the escort of "fruit extract", Bao Ma can safely add vegetable soup and juice to the complementary food.


In order to care for more Chinese babies, Anutric also provided other surprises for the novice mother during Mother's Day: for example, Zhou Dasheng's Year of the Pig Golden Coin, which means that the Year of the Pig is going well; a full set of baby soothing artifacts for the novice mother The exquisite life helps, and together with Anutrici's mother milk powder, they form the Anutric "Golden" wedding gift package, a total of thirty.




Anutric has been pursuing "to be the best infant formula in the world, so that Chinese babies can enjoy truly high-quality products." While continuously upgrading and optimizing the product structure, a large number of expert groups have also gathered to raise the baby for Baoma. Make suggestions. In the "Newbie Mom Tucao Group" Mother's Day topical event, the Anutrici expert group will also provide valuable suggestions for the new Jinbao mother as a brand to help the new treasure mother to quickly understand the skills of raising the baby, and really worry from the fatigue. Come out and realize one hand to raise the baby, one hand to exquisite life.

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