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Children's Day: Annus explores the "Wisdom + Baby" campaign and delivers a gift of growth

2019/06/04 00:01
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The sunshine in June is the brightest, and the children in June are the happiest! Beautiful clothes, cool toys, colorful food, the children have a lot of surprises... Children's Day, happiness and happiness for children! However, June 1 has become the sweetest "burden" for parents. What should be the favorite of children? It is their biggest headache.

The sunshine in June is the brightest, and the children in June are the happiest! Beautiful clothes, cool toys, colorful food, the children have a lot of surprises... Children's Day, happiness and happiness for children! However, June 1 has become the sweetest "burden" for parents. What should be the favorite of children? It is their biggest headache.


During the Children's Day this year, many maternal and child e-commerce platforms also pulled out the banner of "loving children." Toy Mall said that he loves him to buy the best toys for him; infant clothing store said that she loves her to buy the best clothes for her... What kind of care gift should I give to Chinese baby? Always focus on Anutric, a high-end infant formula, gives a different answer.


Since its inception, Anutric has taken quality and innovation as a breakthrough, paying attention to every detail of children's growth, and has developed a formula that is more suitable for the nutritional needs of Chinese babies. This kind of care that always stays with you is the best gift for your baby.


On this year's Children's Day, Anuchi launched a 10-day "Exploration of Wisdom + Baby" campaign. The colorful search link not only allows parents and babies to experience the fun of exploration, but also exercises the child's concentration and logical thinking ability, bringing a full range of three-dimensional care for the baby. If you want to give your child more love, the treasure parents will pay attention to the Anutric WeChat public account, open the public article and read the full text, and you can easily participate in the Anutric Children's Day "Exploring Wisdom + Baby" series. activity. By uploading a photo of the baby and the CCTV Children's Channel "Little Wisdom Tree" pattern, and participating in the voting, you will have the opportunity to get a family gift park or Phoenix Children's Balance Car and many other gifts, together with Anutric to help your baby grow up healthily.


Triple care, comprehensive nutrition, always care for Chinese baby


For the little baby, nutrition, health and strength are the topics that every mom and dad cares about, so choosing a high-quality and nutritious milk powder has become the most important lesson in the baby's growth, and it is Bao Baobao. Providing safe and nutritious milk powder is the mission of infant formula companies. And this kind of care can be far more valuable than buying a gift on Children's Day.


At the beginning of the brand establishment, Anutric has already established a perfect food management system. In the production process, from raw materials to the factory, each tank of Annux milk powder has to pass 31 links and more than 300 quality inspections. The analysis of raw materials to semi-finished products and then to the finished product is strictly controlled in strict accordance with relevant national standards. Moreover, Anneuci is one of the few brands that uses pure goat whey protein as the main raw material. It does not add milk ingredients, and selects 100% of the north latitude 45-degree gold milk source with imported pure goat whey powder. Innovatively added a pure natural "fruit extract" from Switzerland to supplement the baby's multivitamins, minerals and dietary fiber to stimulate the baby's taste development, which is more conducive to improving the baby's acceptance of vegetables and fruits in the complementary food.


As a high-end infant milk powder brand, Anutric has deep researched formula milk for many years. Not only has it introduced a baby milk powder suitable for Chinese babies, but the balanced and balanced milk powder formula has been well received by Bao Ma, and it has shaped the baby to strengthen the body and enhance intelligence. Anutric also has a good performance. For the baby, Children's Day receives a gift that will make the baby happy, but long-term care is equally important. Anuchi offers another option for the mother.


Send a gift of growth, multi-service care for baby growth


In addition to quality products, nutritious and healthy formulas, Anutric also provides a full range of service support for Bao Ma Bao dad, to minimize the anxiety of the baby, and give the baby a relaxed growth environment.


Anutric learned through the market that novice Bao Mabao dad used to understand the knowledge of parenting from the Internet channel. Therefore, in the public platform, he set up relevant knowledge columns such as "Knowledge Lecture Hall" and "Bao Ma Must See" to invite Anutrici Nutrition. The expert resident column is for the mothers to solve problems. At the same time, in the topic of "Mother Tucao Tuan" actively guides the mothers to exchange parenting problems, and arranges professional parenting consultants to answer the questions of the mothers of the mothers online, so that the mother can learn more about anxiety and more understanding. Parenting knowledge, so that there is better care for the baby.


Anutric believes that the healthy growth of the baby requires the efforts of parents, enterprises and society, and Anutrici is willing to contribute more to the training of the next generation of the motherland. He is willing to bring high quality to the Chinese baby in the hot air of infant formula. Ration and full service support.

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