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"Sea, land and air" fully empowered Anutric's sales growth

2019/03/20 00:01
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In recent years, as the world's second largest baby consumer market, the domestic infant milk powder industry has developed rapidly, especially the domestic milk powder brand. After the melamine incident, the market consumption confidence and recognition of the domestic infant formula brand Gradually improve. The data shows that in 2018, the market share of domestic milk powder brands reached 49%, compared with 31% in 2015, and only 25% in 2008. It can be said that since the high-end infant milk powder continued to release positively, the second-child policy was liberalized and the infant milk powder was registered, the domestic infant milk powder brand faced a new round of upswing.

In recent years, as the world's second largest baby consumer market, the domestic infant milk powder industry has developed rapidly, especially the domestic milk powder brand. After the melamine incident, the market consumption confidence and recognition of the domestic infant formula brand Gradually improve. The data shows that in 2018, the market share of domestic milk powder brands reached 49%, compared with 31% in 2015, and only 25% in 2008. It can be said that since the high-end infant milk powder continued to release positively, the second-child policy was liberalized and the infant milk powder was registered, the domestic infant milk powder brand faced a new round of upswing.


For any domestic infant milk powder brand, whether you can seize this industry's growth dividend often requires both hands to be hard: First, high-quality products and high threshold recipes provide a comprehensive and balanced product for Chinese babies. Second, in the face of channel innovation, the opportunity window for the rise of third- and fourth-line consumption, we must have more advanced channel management and service concepts, and fully empower the agents to win this battle.


Good products can talk, Anutric stands firm high-end milk powder sequence


Compared with the past, a new generation of 85 and 90-year-old mothers who grew up, they neither blindly worship "foreign milk powder", but also have a stronger willingness to increase consumption in child-rearing, and hope to choose high-quality, balanced nutrition milk powder for their baby. Moreover, with the implementation of the registration system for infant milk powder, the competition in the domestic milk powder market will enter the second half. One of the distinguishing features is the high-end products and the concentration of brands.


Since the establishment of the brand, Anutric has been committed to the research, production and sales of high-end infant formula for infants and young children, and has shaped the high-end milk powder brand. The relevant person in charge agrees with this statement. He believes that the promotion of consumption and the implementation of the infant milk powder registration system, the two factors together, will squeeze more small and medium-sized brands out of the market, into a contest between large brands with formula and technological advantages, high-end products will become infant milk powder The breakthrough of differentiated competition among enterprises is expected to account for 70-80% of the market share in the next three to five years. The data shows that in 2018, Anutric' sales performance more than doubled, gaining the trust of more Chinese mothers, relying on the traction of high-end products.


High-end products are nothing more than milk sources and formulas. In terms of milk source, Anutric's goat milk powder selects the best imported raw milk source in the Netherlands, chooses the geographical position of 47° north and south, suitable for cold and warm, produces pure, natural and nutritious infant formula; Anutric selects Europe Imported 100% pure goat whey protein, the goat milk molecule is small, the absorption rate is as high as 90%, easy to absorb, not getting angry. The goat milk content is close to 80%, and the goat milk composition is three times that of ordinary goat milk powder. In the core formula of milk powder, Anutric focuses on the "healthy immunity + brain supplementation + nutrient absorption" balance, with "OPO affinity human body structure fat + nucleotide + DHA + ARA + lutein", Reduce baby constipation and promote bone development; unique "fruit extract" to help your baby build a taste system. Driven by core technologies, Anneus has gained a foothold in the high-end milk powder sequence.


Moreover, the high-end infant milk powder with excellent products is more likely to form a word-of-mouth effect. The mother group is an interconnected social network. It is quite common to recommend milk powder brands and group purchases. The product and reputation are better and easier. Form the effect of active transmission. Similarly, for agents and distributors, they also have their own judgments and perceptions, which are in line with the trend of consumption upgrades in the infant formula industry, and choose high-quality, high-end milk powder brands as partners.


"Sea, land and air" is fully empowered, and Anutric opens the way for sales growth.


When an industry begins to turn, it means that the window of opportunity has opened, and the field of infant formula has just stepped on such a vent. The increase of brand concentration, the rise of domestic brands, the outbreak of demand in the second, third and fourth tier cities, and the transformation of the market sales model.... These influence factors are superimposed, which has forced the innovation of domestic infant milk powder brand channels and sales models. The battle for channels has become a key weight.


Especially after the infant milk powder enters the market concentration period, whether it is online or offline maternal and child stores or Shangchao channels, they pay more attention to the three-dimensional empowerment and support system output by a certain milk powder brand. Effective customer acquisition and service model.


In terms of channel strategy, the relevant person in charge of Annuxi revealed that Anutric has established a support system for the comprehensive empowerment channel of “sea, land and air”. On the one hand, it has increased the advertising on the TV variety, childcare and other programs. The "air force" posture of the market, the carpet-like coverage from top to bottom, the high-profile brand awareness of the goat milk powder in the field; on the other hand, the strength of the store material support, brand exposure and dealer joint ordering, Form a continuous offensive on the ground. "In 2019, Anutric Online will provide a complete set of plans for all aspects of terminal store promotion support, image building, training and industry exhibition exposure."


Anutric conducts popular science education for consumers


The third point is more important. With the upgrade of the service model and marketing methods of the milk powder brand, only by establishing stronger contact with the target audience can we maintain an advantage in the milk powder brand war. Since last year, Anutric has held a series of training activities for the "Anutric Parenting Lecture Hall" throughout the country, inviting channels and consumers to participate in the transmission of professional infant and child health nutrition knowledge, through good content and practical Knowledge, smooth communication, and establish a bond with moms. In addition to offline, Anutric has a weekly online expert parenting class, monthly regular expert live lessons, and real-time dealer, shopping guide, and training terminal service support. This spring-and-rain-style service model allows dealers everywhere to have more innovative tools and more confidence. They can truly reach the hearts of consumers and occupy their minds.


According to industry sources, the channel as the "last mile" to contact first-line consumers can only stand out from many infant formula brands by providing them with sufficient ammunition, attractive policies and innovative service models. Anutric's full-fledged play of "sea, land and air" has injected innovative vitality into domestic milk powder.




Of course, Anutric Goat's milk powder can achieve impressive sales results, but also share the growth dividend of the goat milk market. This is also the scent of the channel dealers.


On September 19 last year, the “China Goat Milk Powder Industry Development Research” published by the Center for Food and Drug Industry Development and Supervision of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences reported that the high-end goat milk powder brand was provided because of the unique advantages and technological innovations of easy absorption of goat milk powder. The conditions of the time and place. Dairy analyst Song Liang also said that the growth rate of the goat milk powder market is between 20% and 30%. The two-child policy and the increase in the awareness of goat milk powder have promoted the rapid growth of the goat milk powder market. With this shareholder style, Annihi and other high-end goat milk powder brands have been inserted into the wings of the soaring wings, which is expected to change the current situation of low concentration of goat milk powder brands and limited consumer awareness, and continue to raise the goat milk in the field of infant milk powder. Proportion.


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