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Anutric successfully concluded the 25th Jingzheng-Beijing Baby Products Expo

2017/03/29 00:01
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The 27th Jingzheng Beijing Pregnancy and Baby Products Expo was grandly opened in Beijing from April 14th to 16th! The exhibition covers a full range of products and latest technologies for pregnant and babies worldwide, providing a one-stop shopping platform for the majority of pregnant and baby industry customers. Well-known pregnant and baby-born enterprises brought thousands of new products to the Expo, presenting a visual and sensory "feast" for the audience.

  The 27th Jingzheng Beijing Pregnancy and Baby Products Expo was grandly opened in Beijing from April 14th to 16th! The exhibition covers a full range of products and latest technologies for pregnant and babies worldwide, providing a one-stop shopping platform for the majority of pregnant and baby industry customers. Well-known pregnant and baby-born enterprises brought thousands of new products to the Expo, presenting a visual and sensory "feast" for the audience.


  Anutric, the choice of maternal love - 2018, the 27th Jingzheng Beijing Pregnancy and Baby Products Expo has come to a successful conclusion. This exhibition is not only a demonstration of the products of various enterprises, but also a contest of industry cooperation and exchanges. The pregnancy and baby industry has always been the focus of the country, and milk powder as the focus of the industry has become the focus of discussion in the country and the industry. In the context of the national milk powder registration system, Annuich always takes care of Chinese baby with excellent quality. "Healthy Growth", with the leading technology to unremittingly explore "the quality and comprehensive quality products suitable for Chinese babies", re-appeared at the Jingzheng exhibition, won the favor of the majority of dealers, stores and many industry colleagues, became one of the exhibition Big highlights.


  The Anutric booth attracted a lot of attention, and the customers who came to consult and negotiate were in a constant stream.


  During the exhibition, Anutric always adhered to the concept of customer first, and won the recognition and heart of consumers with high-quality products and services. At the same time, it also successfully signed a huge amount of orders. As a senior brand in the milk powder industry, Annuci not only won the market with high-quality products, but also conquered the market with perfect services.


  Anutric brought the products of high-end infant formula milk powder and high-end infant formula registered by the State Food and Drug Administration to the exhibition!

  Anutrici, from product design - raw material selection - production process - processing technology - product sales, all strive for excellence, with high standards of industry standards, to ensure fresh milk source, product quality and safety, nutrition, carefully do Chinese baby "The first food."


  The exhibition has been successfully concluded, and Annus has returned with the trust of consumers and operators! We will continue to make our mother feel at ease, let the baby be healthy, let the partners win the business as the business purpose, continue to uphold the strength of the brand and the spirit of artisans, set sail on the new journey, and create brilliant!


  At the same time, I look forward to meeting you at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from July 25th to 27th - the 18th CBME China Baby and Child Exhibition, Booth No.: 8-1E06, 8-1E07, and the mother from all corners of the country. Friends of the baby industry are in close contact, face-to-face communication, and talk about new business opportunities for mother and child development!


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