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Cold winter is ruthless, people are affectionate.

2017/01/05 00:01
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  At 10:35 am on December 17th, the Annus Henan sales team and the Zhoukou Luhan area Anutric dealer Longfeng baby pregnant baby chain together with a total of a box of Annus milk powder

  At 10:35 am on December 17th, the Annus Henan sales team and the Zhoukou Luhan area Annuxi dealer Longfeng baby pregnant baby chain together with a total of a box of Annus milk powder and 1,000 yuan in cash, love donation -- - Consolation of Zhouzhuang Luyi County Mudian Daxie Administrative Village Houzhuang, the young father who has been fighting for the disease for nearly two years: Yan Shuai Shuai (23 years old), wife Yin Fuwen and one year old cute baby, arrived Shuai Shuai’s family, when asked the handsome Shuai’s family about the current situation of Shuai Shuai’s illness, they all burst into tears. This crying is more of fear and helplessness to the disease, and the villagers are also crowded and thanked.


  At the beginning of 2015, first of all, the handsome and handsome mother had surgery on the nerve line due to cervical vertebrae. The handsome Shuai suddenly had an arm pain and went to the hospital to check for a mediastinal malignant tumor. The suffering was so ruthlessly coming to this rural poor family. Now, the family has been unable to pay for the handsome medical expenses of the handsome and handsome, which makes people feel sad and more distressed.
  In June 2016, the situation of Shuai Shuai Shuai deteriorated again. The First Affiliated People's Hospital of Zhengzhou was diagnosed as a malignant "right neck sarcoma". In order to treat young and handsome doctors, the family borrowed money from all relatives and friends. The huge cost of hundreds of thousands of chemotherapy and medical treatments has made this rural family riddled with hunger and debt, and has been unable to pay the high cost of chemotherapy to Shuai Shuai Shuai...
  In order to treat such a young father, handsome and handsome, the village village party secretary and village cadres have launched the villagers to donate money to the handsome and handsome people. The baby mother Yin Fuwen also launched the power of the network to easily raise more people with love. To help this young father, this suffering family.
  With tears, I wrote about the illness and family situation of the young daddy, handsome and handsome, and now she is crying. In the future, I will continue to pay attention to the handsome and handsome babies and continue to give them some love assistance.




 Anutric is willing to do its utmost, and although there are not many donations, I hope to have some help for this suffering family.

  As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world. The flowers of the warm and happy family will be everywhere, and the baby’s innocent smiles...




  handsome and handsome is still very young, more than one year old baby can not have no father, hereby appealing to more caring people to participate in, I hope everyone will be generous, people are more powerful, save this young father, help this suffering family! Let this young father always walk with the cute baby and grow up...

  Love charity, Anneus has been on the road!

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