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Where is the child's resistance to the root cause?

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2017/12/27 00:01
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Why do children tend to get sick, how can we improve his resistance? Is immunity and resistance the same thing? Teacher Chen Peiyi, a national level public nutritionist, gives you the most complete answer.

  Why do children tend to get sick, how can we improve his resistance? Is immunity and resistance the same thing? Teacher Chen Peiyi, a national level public nutritionist, gives you the most complete answer.


  In fact, the "resistance" in many populations is basically equal to the concept of "immunity" in medicine. Simply put, our immunity comes from the body's immune system, which is a defense system against the alien invaders and is made up of many organs.


  If our immune system works properly, it is immune, and if it is abnormal, it is easy to get sick. The "resistance" is the ability of various body systems to closely cooperate under the control of the central nervous system to ensure the normal conduct of human life activities. Its scope is more extensive, and immunity is a very important component. Therefore, in order to improve our resistance, we basically have to start with immunity.


  What is the role of immunity? In the process of fighting disease, human immunity plays a vital role. We can say that it is like a health-protecting army formed by our body. It takes on important defensive tasks when fighting against viruses and bacteria that come from outside.


  Under normal circumstances, you may not feel its existence, but if the human body is attacked, it will rise up and resist. For example, when you have a cold or a small wound, you can recover without taking an injection or taking medicine. This is related to the repair function of the immune system. The tumor cells are always produced in the human body, but not everyone will get cancer. Why? Thanks to the powerful immune system. What if the immunity is reduced? The most direct performance is that it is easy to get sick. Therefore, if you want your child to be healthy and not sick, it is very important to adjust immunity.


  What is the relationship between immunity and immunity? To be honest, most of our body's immunity depends on genetics, but the environmental impact is of course great, such as diet, sleep, exercise, and stress. Among them, diet has a decisive influence, and nutrition factors play an important role. It is the material basis for maintaining normal immune function and health.


  The child grows rapidly and has a strong metabolism, which is the most important period of healthy development of mind and body in life. Therefore, adequate and reasonable nutrition is essential to the child's life's immunity.


  Basically, when each baby is born, the immune system is almost complete in function, and the most important thing is that they have immune antibodies from their mothers to ensure their basic health. However, after 6 months, the baby's immune antibodies from the mother disappeared, but their immune system is not perfect. At this time, because the level of immunoglobulin in the body is relatively low, the resistance to pathogenic factors is relatively low, so you may find that after 6 months, the baby is prone to diarrhea and fever. This is because their immunity during this period is relatively low.


  After the baby is 3 years old, their immune system, digestive system, respiratory system, etc. are basically developed, and the resistance is gradually enhanced. Naturally, it is not so easy to catch a cold.


  However, children before the age of 6 are all medically referred to as "physiological immune function low state." This means that children before the age of 6 must pay special attention to nutrition. The nutrients closely related to our body's immune function, mainly protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, zinc and selenium, etc., the baby will not choose food, therefore, mom and dad must pay attention to the child Choose some foods that are rich in these nutrients.


  Some parents may think that since the immunity is mainly hereditary, the two of us are so good, and the child's body will be great. Parents who think so should pay attention to it. If the infants and children are not balanced, the lack of and excess will interfere with the developing immune system and even change the genetic performance. Not only will they continue to catch colds and ailments when they are young, but they may also develop various immune diseases after adulthood, as well as chronic inflammatory diseases such as metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. This consequence must not be what you want to see?


  Therefore, the child's nutrition is not good, not only related to whether he is tall, clever and not smart, but also related to the health of his life. Whether it is the lack of calcium, zinc, iron, vitamin A, vitamin D, etc., it may lead to malnutrition and decreased resistance.


  But on the other hand, things must be reversed. Although nutritional deficiencies are a key cause of poor child resistance, overnutrition can also make children less resistant. For example, the frequency of feeding infant formula in some small babies is too high, and some confused mothers, as long as the children cry, give them milk, regardless of whether they exceed the child's needs. There are also parents who add too much complementary food to their children, which makes them grow too fast and lacks exercise, which can easily lead to poor resistance. Therefore, if you want to give your child more resistance, nutrition is not much better.


  Here, I would like to remind everyone that many parents are prone to colds and fever because of their low resistance. Therefore, they will give their children some supplements, health supplements or vitamins. They will also ask doctors to give them some medicines to improve their immunity. I would like to say that if your child has problems with the innate immune system, there is no need to supplement the nutrients. If you arbitrarily make up or overdo it, it will interfere with the immune system and endless troubles.


  If you want to enhance your child's immunity, the safest and most effective way is to ask your child to get enough nutrients every day, including water, grains and roots, fruits and vegetables, beans, egg milk, oils, etc. Food should be balanced as much as possible. Only in this way can the child have strong immunity a little bit, and be protected by the immune system every day for the rest of his life, away from diseases of all ages.


  This article is provided by Annuich's official website (http://www.anutric.com/). If you have a reprint, please indicate the source.

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