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Baby resists bottles. What should I do?

Raiders with baby
2019/05/17 15:47
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Many mothers take great pains in the matter of baby drinking bottles.

  Many mothers take great pains in the matter of baby drinking bottles.


  Forced irrigation

  Hunger: No food, hungry for a while


  Isolation: Find someone other than your mother to feed the bottle.

Confused method: Apply some breast milk at the mouth of the bottle, and fill the bottle with breast milk.


  Disgust method: nipple coated with balsam pear juice


  Weaning with bottles of various methods, quickly catch up with Sun Tzu's art of war, mothers circling back and forth, but no matter what tactics, the baby on one move: do not like, a break, irresistible. Why don't you eat when your mother is alone and angry? In fact, in the matter of bottles, really can not blame the baby, because the baby is born with a sense of dependence on the mother's breast and breast milk. Mother's breast brings not only nutrition supply, but also a sense of security, forced weaning. In fact, it is very bad for children's mental health, which will reduce their sense of security, timidity and cowardice. In addition, many times the baby can not accept the bottle very well, and the size of the bottle, the suitability of the nipple, the brand of milk powder has a certain relationship.


  So how do you get your baby to accept bottles?

  It takes time for a baby to accept a bottle, just as it takes time for an adult to change a way of eating. In view of this, parents can divide the baby's eating time into early, middle and late, because it is easier for the baby to accept new things during the day, so they can choose to try it at noon. You can tease him with the bottle first, then feed the baby a few mouthfuls, let the baby familiar with the bottle, and then when the baby's mood is stable, give him more bottles to feed. When feeding, we should pay attention to the feeding posture and change the pacifier which is closer to breast milk.


  When changing bottles, if the baby cries, refuses to eat, kicks and beats, parents can gradually shorten the time of breastfeeding, the baby feels hungry, and you will not compromise to feed him breast milk, he will slowly accept the bottle.


  In addition, mothers can try to set aside a special day for the baby to adapt to the bottle, accompanying him to change this way. Although it takes a process, generally speaking, a whole day is enough, and the average child will not last that long. First, the mother needs to squeeze the milk out and bottle feed the baby, because the baby has become accustomed to that taste, and during this period only bottle feeding, let the baby habitually change feeding tools without resistance.


  Mothers need to be careful not to give their babies anything to eat or drink. When they feel hungry and have appetite, they use bottles to feed their babies. Note that it's best to give your baby a soft nipple that is closest to breast milk. In addition, use a common, slim bottle that matches any type of pacifier. Punch a large hole in the nipple with a sterilized needle to ensure that the flow is larger than that of breast milk.


  Because breast-feeding, the baby in the mother's arms, will feel warmer, so if you switch to bottle feeding, the milk should be completely warmed and slightly higher than the usual temperature. Let the baby sit upright on your knee, soothe the baby's uneasiness, but also avoid breast tassels through the ambassador baby asphyxia or panic. Don't let your baby lie in your arms like you do when breastfeeding. Bottling can make your baby feel uncomfortable.


  At the same time, parents can also use toys or TV to distract the baby's attention, put the pacifier in the baby's mouth, talk to the baby, let him watch TV or watch toys, when the baby realizes that the pacifier is in the mouth, he has begun to suck unconsciously. After a day of trial and error, most babies will naturally give up breastfeeding adherence. Therefore, parents must not be soft-hearted, not because the children cry to compromise.

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