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Position: Director of Supply Chain Center

2019/07/26 13:13
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Performance Bonus Full Service Award Transportation Assistance Holiday Benefits Weekend Breaks Five Risks One Gold
Salary 8000-10000 yuan / month
Job highlights
Performance Bonus Full Service Award Transportation Assistance Holiday Benefits Weekend Breaks Five Risks One Gold
Job information
Job Responsibilities:
1. Establish and optimize management systems such as procurement plans, production plans, and logistics plans based on the company's marketing plan.
2. Establish and optimize systems for supplier development, supplier review and management.
3. Organize and improve the management systems of the supply chain.
4. Do a good job in collecting information on supply chain information and provide constructive comments and suggestions on the company's overall strategy and other system strategies.
5. Establish a scientific and reasonable inventory system on the premise of comprehensive evaluation of efficiency and cost.
6. Continuously optimize the logistics distribution system and continuously reduce the logistics expense rate.
7. Establish the appraisal rules of the subordinate departments of the center and operate them effectively.
8. Responsible for the signing, change, execution and termination of the procurement contract.
9. Responsible for the management training of the department and coordinate the work of the team with other departments.
job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years experience in supply chain management.
2. Familiar with material procurement procedures and supply chain management business processes.
3. Have more comprehensive professional knowledge, including procurement, production planning, warehouse management, logistics management and other knowledge.
4. Ability to develop suppliers, manage and evaluate suppliers.
5. Agile thinking, good communication, good supplier negotiation skills.
6. Strong organizational and coordination skills, team management skills, and good professionalism.


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