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Which season is more suitable for drinking goat milk

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2019/05/16 15:08
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"Goat milk is warm and non-toxic, supplements cold and lacks, moistens heart and lungs, cures thirst, treats phlegm, benefits essence, supplements lung and kidney and small intestine." The taste of goat milk is mild and good for the human body. The role of nourishment. Because of the unique ingredients contained in goat's milk, ancient doctors used goat milk to treat children's thrush and diarrhea in children.

Which season is more suitable for drinking goat milk?


Answer: All seasons are suitable.


Record of the Compendium of Materia Medica


"Goat milk is warm and non-toxic, supplements cold and lacks, moistens heart and lungs, cures thirst, treats phlegm, benefits essence, supplements lung and kidney and small intestine." The taste of goat milk is mild and good for the human body. The role of nourishment. Because of the unique ingredients contained in goat's milk, ancient doctors used goat milk to treat children's thrush and diarrhea in children.


In modern research, it is found that goat milk contains more nutrient elements than milk, and the molecular particles are only 1/3 of that of milk, which is more easily digested and absorbed by the human body. The unique EGF factor of goat milk helps the growth of epithelial cells, and goat milk is weakly alkaline, which is more beneficial to gastrointestinal health.




Spring is a season of high allergies, especially for small babies whose immune system is not well developed. The risk of allergies is higher. In addition to some sensitizing substances in the environment, some artificially fed babies have a high incidence of milk powder allergy. Allergies not only cause problems such as skin, digestion and breathing of the baby, but also cause malabsorption of the child's nutrition, which affects the child's development.


The abundant epithelial cytokine EGF contained in goat milk can promote the growth of epithelial cells, enhance the ability of mucous membranes to resist virus invasion, and reduce the occurrence of allergic problems.




Summer temperature is high, sweating is more, drinking water is more, stomach acid is diluted, the secretion of digestive juice is relatively reduced, digestive function is weakened, resulting in loss of appetite. In addition, the weather is hot and gluttonous, causing gastrointestinal dysfunction or food is not clean. Gastrointestinal discomfort. Excessive sweating will also accelerate the loss of vitamins and minerals in the body.


In addition to rich nutrients, goat milk is also high in calcium, and calcium in goat milk is natural milk calcium is easier to absorb and healthier than synthetic calcium. Drinking goat milk in the summer can not only replenish the water lost by the body, but also supplement the calcium that flows out of sweat, which is extremely beneficial for maintaining good health.




Appropriate tonic in the fall is the best time to restore and regulate the functions of various organs in the human body.


Goat milk, close to breast milk, weak alkaline food, goat milk and human milk protein composition, amino acid ratio close to human milk, balanced nutrients, fast absorption, short digestion time. Comprehensive nutrition, including more than 200 kinds of nutrients, including 64 kinds of lactic acid, 20 kinds of amino acids, 20 kinds of vitamins, 25 kinds of minerals. And the nutrition is more than 3 times that of milk.




Modern nutrition research found that the protein and minerals in goat milk, especially calcium and phosphorus, are slightly higher than milk; vitamin A and B are higher than milk, which is good for protecting vision and restoring physical fitness. Compared with milk, goat milk is easier to digest, and the digestibility of infants to goat milk can reach more than 94%.


Anutric formula goat milk powder 100% pure sheep formula, using pure goat whey protein imported from Europe, imported milk source from the Netherlands. Add opo affinity body structure fat, Swiss fruit extract to make milk powder more affinity breast milk, comprehensive care for the healthy growth of the baby.

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