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How to Enhance Baby's Immunity in Spring

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2019/05/16 15:29
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Welcome to Anutric Child-rearing Knowledge Hall, this issue for you to share - Spring, how to enhance baby immunity。
  Welcome to Annushi Child-rearing Knowledge Hall, this issue for you to share - Spring, how to enhance baby immunity。
  After entering the spring, the weather began to become very unstable, the temperature difference between day and night is large, the weather is cold and hot, some people like summer and others like winter. Adults are resistant, barely able to resist, but children can not withstand the hot and cold toss, a little inattention is likely to be recruited. Only comprehensive care, enhance the baby's immunity can fundamentally let the baby less sick.
  In spring, mothers must develop the habit of watching the weather forecast, so that food, clothing, housing and transportation are all available.
  Clothes: What do you wear?
  Wearing clothes should follow the principles of covering up in spring and freezing in autumn, thin on top and thick on bottom. Because of the large temperature difference between day and night and the lack of clothes, the baby is easy to catch cold; too thick clothes, the baby is not able to exercise, but also prone to sweat and wind-induced diseases, so the mothers should grasp the principle of spring clothing, always pay attention to weather changes, timely clothing adjustment.
  Food: What to eat?
  Breast-fed babies do not wean easily in spring. In spring, the climate is unstable, and the baby's physical adaptability is weak. Weaning may lead to diseases caused by insufficient nutrient intake. Breast milk can bring good nutrition for infants and young children, and avoid the discomfort brought by the changing seasons.
  Babies fed with milk powder can choose some milk powder containing immune components to strengthen their children's health in the choice of milk powder. For example: whey protein, nucleotides, OPO structural lipids and so on. Whey protein and nucleotides help protect gastrointestinal mucosa, reduce the burden of gastrointestinal tract, and at the same time help to enhance the immune function of babies. The ingredients of OPO are conducive to saving nutrients such as protein, fat and calcium, giving full play to the role of nutrients and helping children grow up healthily.
  Supplementary food can be added to the baby's diet to choose some sweet food, such as pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots, beef and so on, reduce some acidic, cool food, such as plum, hawthorn, sydney, winter melon and so on. Protecting the health of the baby's spleen and stomach, stabilizing the acquired basis, is conducive to the enhancement of the baby's immunity.
  Residence: What do you care about?
  In spring, the temperature began to rise, the weather became warmer, and a large number of microbial bacteria began to proliferate. Mothers should pay attention to ensuring indoor air flow, and at least 30 minutes of ventilation every day. Most families will also use some warm-keeping equipment in spring. At this time, while ensuring indoor temperature, they should pay more attention to indoor humidity, so as to avoid excessive dryness of air, causing children to catch fire. The indoor temperature can be guaranteed at about 20-23 degrees.
  OK: What do you want to play with?
  Ultraviolet radiation is beneficial to promote the absorption of calcium in the body of babies, which is very helpful for the growth of children. When the weather is clear, take children outdoors to play ball, take a walk, and ride a bicycle. Proper exercise can enhance the baby's physique, but also make the baby's immunity more perfect, and the ability to resist disease will also increase. When exercising, we must pay attention to the sweat when the baby is sweating. We should dry the sweat on the body in time to avoid the baby catching cold to the maximum extent.
  Rest: How long do you sleep?
  Generally speaking, newborns need 14 to 20 hours of sleep. Children aged 1 to 6 need 11 to 14 hours of sleep. Spring is the peak period of their growth. Adequate sleep is conducive to the full play of growth hormone. It also enables the baby's immune system to be restored and restored in time, thus enhancing the baby's ability to resist diseases. In order to ensure that the baby has a good rest, it is suggested that the babies should not play with their babies before they go to bed. The high spiritual state is not conducive to the baby's rapid sleep. In addition, we should arrange a proper nap to ensure that the baby has a sufficient rest! ____________
Anutric Knowledge Hall. That's all for today's knowledge sharing.

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