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Winter flu, your baby has been recruited?

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2019/05/17 14:20
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There is a wrong "love" that calls you a cold. Mother gives you the "best" needle, takes the "best" medicine, and finds the "best" doctor. But the fact is, only by improving children's immunity is the best love for their children.
  There is a wrong "love" that calls you a cold. Mother gives you the "best" needle, takes the "best" medicine, and finds the "best" doctor. But the fact is, only by improving children's immunity is the best love for their children. Are mothers aware of that? Children's health, seven nutrients and three treatments, improve baby immunity from now on! The best doctor in the human body is his immunity. Immunity improved, children less sick, mothers less worried.
  Winter is coming, the weather is cool and the climate is dry. Colds, coughs and fever rushed up all around. In this outbreak of influenza, your family Xiaobao has been recruited? Which babies are susceptible to influenza viruses?
  1. Low immunity
  Children are susceptible to colds. First of all, it is closely related to their physiological characteristics and immature immune system development. Children with narrow nasal cavity, soft mucosa, insufficient secretion of mucosal glands, dry nasal cavity, poor adaptability to the external environment and resistance, prone to inflammation. Premature infants and sick children, especially those with innate immune diseases, are prone to colds if they make slight nursing mistakes.
  2. Improper feeding methods
  Children are susceptible to colds, which is closely related to improper parental feeding. Because of the rapid growth and development of children, the lack of nutritional supplements or imbalanced supplements will lead to different levels of protein, vitamins and minerals deficiency, affecting the resistance of children. For example, the body protein deficiency, immune active substances will be reduced, low immune resistance is easy to induce infectious diseases. If vitamin A is deficient, the cilia of respiratory epithelial cells will decrease and disappear, the glands will lose their normal function, lysozyme and secreted immune antibodies will decrease significantly, and the barrier function will decrease, which will lead to the occurrence of diseases.
  3. Poor living environment
Family rooms are dark and humid, indoor temperature is too high or too low, doors and windows are closed all day, air is not circulating, etc. Poor environment and turbid air are very harmful to the respiratory tract, which are the important reasons for inducing colds. Some parents dress their children too much or too little. As a result, they either sweat or catch cold, which can easily induce colds.
  4. Less outdoor activities
Lack of outdoor activities. Especially in northern China and areas with long cold seasons, children spend most of their time indoors. Living in an air-conditioned room all day, once you get a little cold, you will not be able to adapt to it, and you will easily catch a cold. In addition, long stay indoors, insufficient sunshine will cause calcium deficiency in children, affecting the growth and development of children.
Winter colds are raging. How can mothers help children prevent colds?
  1. Choose appropriate infant milk powder, feed reasonably and add supplementary food in time.
  2. Increase outdoor activities and sunshine to improve children's cold tolerance.
  3. Don't overdress, overdress and sweat easily. Once you get cold, you will easily catch a cold.
  4. When climate change occurs, we should pay attention to increasing and decreasing clothes. In winter and spring, when respiratory diseases occur frequently, we should try not to take children to crowded public places so as to reduce the incidence of diseases.
  5. If family members have a cold, they should avoid contact and pay attention to indoor ventilation.

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