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Mother's collection of baby fever care methods all know!

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2019/05/17 15:07
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  As the weather gets colder and colder, the children have a cold and fever, and many parents are in a hurry. What is a child's fever, and how to care for fever at different temperatures? Parents pay attention, fever is not a big thing to say, small is not small, not careless ah! Today, let's learn how to care for children's fever with Xiaobian.

  As the weather gets colder and colder, the children have a cold and fever, and many parents are in a hurry. What is a child's fever, and how to care for fever at different temperatures? Parents pay attention, fever is not a big thing to say, small is not small, not careless ah! Today, let's learn how to care for children's fever with Xiaobian.


  Fever is not a disease, please remember!

  Fever itself is not a disease, but a symptom of it. Human body temperature is relatively constant. Once the body temperature exceeds the maximum of normal body temperature, it is called fever. Usually, when bacteria invade the human body, in order to resist the invasion of bacteria, the human body will start some defense mechanisms, such as bactericidal white blood cells, lymphocytes and so on. Fever is the most important triggering signal of human defense mechanism, which is caused by the hypothalamic thermoregulation center through the up-regulation of body temperature level.


  1. Physical cooling below 38.5 C

Usually, there are three kinds of fever in babies: low fever (37.5-38 degrees C), moderate fever (38.1-39 degrees C), and high fever (39.1-40 degrees C). What the mother should know is that if the baby's temperature is below 38.5 degrees Celsius, the overall feeling is good, not very sleepy, then in fact, it can take care of the child as usual, the mother does not need to give the baby medicine in the first time, physical cooling is the best for the baby.


  Suggested methods:

  1. Don't hide your sweat blindly

  Some mothers and fathers feel that hiding sweat in their babies can cure fever. If they do, the heat of the baby's body can't be released. For infants less than 3 months, usually "unpacking" is used. Opening clothes and quilts and wearing less clothes are physical cooling.


  Children's body temperature regulation center is not perfect. The method of "covering sweat" can not make the body temperature drop, but will make the body temperature rise suddenly, which is prone to febrile convulsions. It is the most undesirable way to reduce the temperature.


  2. Rubbing and Cooling

  It's better for mothers to use warm water to cool their babies physically, but what they need to know is not to use alcohol and avoid entering the baby through the respiratory tract or skin.


  3. Drink more water to urinate

  Baby fever must drink more water, let baby urine to help circulation. And to supplement the body lost electrolytes, depending on the situation can let the baby drink some glucose water or light saline.


  2. Drugs can be taken appropriately at 38.5-39 degrees Celsius

  When the baby has a fever at 38.5-39 C, we can take antipyretics at home while taking physical cooling. But we can't use antipyretics at will to make the baby comfortable and prevent the baby from febrile convulsions.


  Suggested methods:

  1. Use of antipyretics

  Commonly used antifebrile drugs can be prepared by mothers, so that the baby can be more comfortable. If the baby does not like oral medicines, then you can also use suppositories used in the rectum.


  2. Warm and wet compress

  Apply a warm, wet and semi-dry towel to the baby's chest and abdomen. Do not use air conditioning to prevent the baby from getting worse. In addition, twist some cool wet towels (about 25 C) into semi-dry, put them on the baby's forehead, neck, armpit and thigh root for cold compress, and wait until the towel is hot to replace one.


  3. Ice compress or ice pillow (commonly used in hospitals, family care needs to be carefully used)


  Ice bags on the baby's forehead or both sides of the neck, axillary and bilateral groin can also be used. Self-made ice bags can pack crushed ice into plastic bags, add appropriate amount of cold water, press out the air, and tie the bags well. Ice pillow is also a good choice, can effectively help the baby fever. But it's better to wrap a cloth around the ice bag, so as not to hurt the skin. Generally ice compress and ice pillow are only suitable for older babies. If the baby is less than half a year old, it is better to use antipyretic paste to make the baby comfortable.


  3. Warm water bath from 39 to 40

  When the baby has a fever of 39 to 40 degrees Celsius, then it is more serious. Not only to take medicine, but also to use warm water bath, to help the baby enhance blood circulation, timely heat dissipation.


  Suggested methods:

  1. Warm water rubbing

When the baby has a fever, wipe the neck, axilla, elbow fossa, thigh root and other blood vessels with warm water at 40 - 50 C to help the baby cool down.


  2. Cooling by Warm Water Bath

  Warm water bath is also a good choice. When soaking, let the baby's body (except the head) soak in water slightly below the body temperature of 2 degrees Celsius. Wipe the baby's body with a wet towel, so that the blood vessels on the skin surface expand to promote heat emission. It's about a quarter of an hour at a time, and then four or five hours later. This can help the baby's blood circulation.


  4. Seek medical treatment immediately after exceeding 39 degrees Celsius

  Infants and young children sometimes have a high fever of 39 C immediately, because high fever can also produce many complications, such as loss of consciousness, fixed or rolled eyeball, head and neck backward, facial muscle and limb twitching and other critical symptoms. Therefore, if the baby is very serious, it is best to send it to the hospital in time.


  Suggested methods:

  If the baby has a fever of over 39 degrees C (especially for children under 3 years old), it is not caused by vaccination; urine has a burning sensation; after more than 24 hours of fever, it is better to go to the hospital in time for treatment.


  If there is a hair

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