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Five Reasons for Pregnant Women to Eat Less and Eat More

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2019/05/17 15:24
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 Many mothers during pregnancy do not understand some nutritional concepts put forward by some nutrition experts and feel verbose at the same time. For example, in the early, middle and late stages of pregnancy, the emphasis is constantly on "eating less and eating more". 

  Many mothers during pregnancy do not understand some nutritional concepts put forward by some nutrition experts and feel verbose at the same time. For example, in the early, middle and late stages of pregnancy, the emphasis is constantly on "eating less and eating more". Why not eat less and eat more? Isn't it troublesome enough? The output frequency of the "Eat less and eat more" recommendation is fast catching up with the "Drink more water" greeting. Whether nutritionist cares casually or does he have his way? Today Annushi is going to give you a big revelation.


  "Eat less and eat more" sounds very distracting, but it has a very important significance for pregnant mothers. Many expectant mothers feel particularly hungry after pregnancy, have a strong appetite and always want to eat. In fact, we can perceive that "hunger" and "satiety" are the result of communication between our brain and intestine. We often hear that when we are pregnant, we should eat less and eat more meals. What are the benefits of it?


  Give you "five reasons" to dispel your doubts and earnestly adhere to the "eat less and eat more" dietary principle.


  The first reason: relaxation of the cardia to avoid food reflux.

  After pregnancy, the relaxation of cardiac smooth muscle increases with the change of body hormone level. If you eat too much food at once, the enlarged uterus squeezes the stomach, causing food to reflux into the esophagus and vomiting during pregnancy. There are also some mothers because of eating too much, gastric acid reflux caused a serious sense of heartburn, very uncomfortable. Eating less and eating more meals is helpful to relieve vomiting during pregnancy and burning sensation caused by acid reflux.


  Second reason: slow gastrointestinal peristalsis to avoid constipation and indigestion.


  Because of the change of hormone water and stool during pregnancy, intestinal peristalsis is affected and intestinal peristalsis is slowed down. When a pregnant mother eats too much food at once, a large amount of undigested food will stay in the intestinal tract, coupled with reduced activity after pregnancy, it will cause indigestion or constipation to a certain extent. "Eat less and eat more" can reduce intestinal pressure and promote digestion and absorption of food.


  The third reason is to protect the function of islets and ensure the normal secretion of insulin.


  After pregnancy, maternal hormone levels have been changing, hormones are the same as our body's messengers, will carry signals, which have a guiding role is insulin. If you eat too much at once, it will cause insulin to rise in the body of expectant mothers, always in a high-speed running state, and insulin secretion will be disordered over a long period of time. Continuous high secretion of insulin will lead to gestational diabetes mellitus. Eating less and eating more meals can effectively relieve the pressure of islets and ensure the regular secretion of insulin.


  Fourth reason: relieve intestinal pressure and reduce the risk of hemorrhoids

  Intestinal peristalsis slowed down and activity of pregnant women decreased. In particular, sedentary mothers can cause bloodstream obstruction in the buttocks and anus to cause hemorrhoids, and increase uterine pressure will aggravate hemorrhoids. By eating less and eating more meals, intestinal pressure can be reduced, and the risk of hemorrhoids can also be reduced.


  Fifth reason: Maintain a reasonable weight gain during pregnancy

  Many pregnant mothers envy mothers who have long births but not long flesh. Studies have found that people who eat less and eat more are slimmer than those who eat a lot at once. The reason is that people who eat less and eat more can burn more calories. When it comes to whether or not it's a little crazy, I want to start my "eat less and eat more" program right away.


  Mothers-to-be, do you understand now?

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