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What would a pregnant woman like to eat with an extra meal? Three kinds of food are more suitable

Late pregnancy
2019/05/17 15:30
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In addition to the early pregnancy reaction, the biggest change for expectant mothers is to find that they are hungry fast, especially in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. 

  In addition to the early pregnancy reaction, the biggest change for expectant mothers is to find that they are hungry fast, especially in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. They obviously have eaten a lot, but they are still hungry very soon. What do they need to eat between meals? What is the best choice for pregnant women to eat extra meals?


  Xiaobian here to recommend several types of food suitable for pregnant women to eat.


  1. Appropriate amount of fruit

  There is a saying that it is better to conceive a baby in spring, because the following summer and autumn season will have a large number of seasonal fruits and vegetables on the market, can provide more abundant nutrition for the fetus. The benefits of fruit need not be said, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers and so on for pregnant women benefit more.


  The vast majority of pregnant women are able to eat fruits, but there are a few kinds that need to be carefully eaten, including hawthorn, apricot, watermelon, papaya, durian and litchi, which are easy to cause uterine contraction, slippery embryo, etc. We need to pay attention to controlling the amount of food, especially cold water. As a result, too much food can also cause the baby's natural cold phenomenon, causing infantile diarrhea. It is suggested that pregnant mothers often change their patterns to eat. Fruit is recommended at about 400 g per day, which is equivalent to a medium-sized Apple plus a piece of grapefruit.


  2. Appropriate amounts of dried fruits and crude grains

  There are many kinds of dried fruits, such as walnuts, melon seeds, peanuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, pine nuts, etc. They are not only delicious, but also have high nutritional value. A pregnant mother who eats 2-3 walnuts a day is good for the development of fetal bones and teeth. A handful of sunflower seeds a day can meet the human body's daily vitamin E requirement. Nevertheless, don't overeat. Dried fruits have a high fat content. Too much food can cause pregnant mothers to gain too much weight.


  In addition, proper eating of coarse grains during pregnancy is also good for increasing nutrition and alleviating constipation. At present, many kinds of grains (such as black sesame, black beans, soybeans, oats) and dried fruits (and walnuts, pumpkin seeds, red dates) are popular in the market. They can be eaten by brewing with boiling water. Pregnant mothers can also consider buying them. Adequate supplements at meal time.


  3. Appropriate amount of snacks

  Some pregnant mothers said that eating fruit is not good, or hungry stomach, then you can consider preparing some snacks when the meal. Two kinds of snacks suitable for pregnant women are recommended.


  The first is freshly baked bread and cake, although it also contains food additives, but compared with biscuits and other foods with a longer shelf life, the simpler the bread pattern, the less additives, cheese cake is healthier than cream cake.


  The second is traditional Chinese noodles, such as steamed buns, steamed buns, rolls and dumplings, which can be purchased off-the-shelf or steamed in supermarkets.


  Reasonable choice of food, whether for the mother or for the baby will have a good positive effect. Don't eat Hyacinth, just eat whatever you like. I hope every mother can have a lovely and healthy baby smoothly.

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