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Five stages of baby intellectual development, seize the opportunity to make your baby smarter

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2019/07/18 00:01
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Experts believe that children's IQ is not only affected by genetics, but also the surrounding environment plays a vital role, and care and education is the key to making your baby get high IQ. Therefore, the treasure mothers are familiar with the baby's intellectual development stages, and immediately act to make the baby smarter.

  Experts believe that children's IQ is not only affected by genetics, but also the surrounding environment plays a vital role, and care and education is the key to making your baby get high IQ. Therefore, the treasure mothers are familiar with the baby's intellectual development stages, and immediately act to make the baby smarter.


  Five stages of baby intellectual development


  1.0~2 months

  At this time, the baby responds to external stimuli of taste, hearing, touch and vision. A 2-month baby can look up when he is lying down, and the eye can follow the object and be easily attracted by brightly colored objects.


  Language ability training


  When the baby is in a good mood, the mother and the child are face to face, about 20 cm apart, and the child will stare at your face and eyes. When your eyes touch each other, you will have a silent language communication with the child and make a variety of faces. Expressions, such as open mouth, tongue, fangs, drumsticks, smiles, etc.

  2.3~7 months

  At this time, the baby is guided by the visually guided period of consciousness. Your baby can actively explore things around you.


  Intellectual training

  Method: Take the baby out often, this will make the baby more lively, which is also an important part of the three-month baby intellectual development. Don't think that the baby is too small to understand anything, and letting the baby touch nature will make them more cheerful. You can also take your baby to watch other children play games together, which will make your baby more willing to integrate into group activities.



  The methods in this article are externally assisted to improve the baby's intelligence method. Basically, the baby's intelligence is improved mainly by breast milk or infant milk powder. For the baby of 0-6 months, the baby of this period is recommended to exclusively breastfeed. If the breast milk is insufficient, Feed your baby an Anhis DHA-containing pure goat whey powder. After 6 months, the baby should add complementary food until the age of 3. A baby under the age of 3 is the golden age of intellectual and physical development. In addition to normal eating, the baby is fed with milk powder after 1 year of age to increase the baby's mental and developmental nutritional needs. If the baby does not drink milk powder during this period, it will lead to poor baby development, which will affect the development of intelligence and height.


  3.8~13 months

  The child's perception becomes sensitive, and he starts to like imitation and likes to climb.


  Crawling training

  Method: The baby is in a prone position, raises his head and supports the body with his hands. Parents can gently bend the baby's legs, put them under the belly of the bag, put the baby's favorite toys in front, tease and encourage the baby. Crawl forward and go to get the toy. If necessary, parents can gently push the baby's foot or gently rub the baby's buttocks, the baby will climb more and more freely. This expands the baby's vision and improves the baby's perception.


  Note: Crawling is the earliest form of independent activity of your baby.


  4.14~18 months

  The baby begins to produce abstract thinking. At the age of 1 to 1.5, the baby can more accurately use the visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory and gustatory senses to interact with the guidance of the parents.


  5.21 months later

  The baby can master symbolic relationships, such as language understanding, language logic, and so on.


  Small game: Tell the baby a simple picture story, then let the baby tell the parents. Parents can combine the pictures, repeat some key language and action descriptions, and let the baby repeat. Then let him look at the picture and tell the story. When there is difficulty, parents can give a proper reminder. If the baby is inconsistent with the book, don't correct it, be sure of his reasonable creation.


  Several critical periods of baby's intellectual development

  Sound discrimination


  0-1 year old stage

  One week after the baby is born, the baby who is feeding him can be identified, and after 4 weeks, the discrimination of different sounds is obtained.


  Action development

  0-2 years old


  The baby creates more opportunities for climbing in 6-7 months. For example, let the baby prone, put one or two toys in front of him, attract him to climb forward, try to grab the toy to promote the development of his movements.


  Oral development

  1-3 years old


  Use the various things you encounter in your life to ask your baby and ask your baby to answer and improve his language skills.


  Visual development

  0-3 years old


  Take your baby to see the scenery of nature to broaden his horizons and broaden his horizons.


  Counting ability development

  2 to 4 years old


  Help different items, such as fingers, building blocks, etc., and count with your baby to increase your baby's perception of numbers.


  Music ability development

  1-3 years old


  When helping your baby develop intelligence, it should conform to nature, cooperate with the baby's development stage, give stimulation at the right time, and create a learning environment. The most important thing is to "take a step back" and give the baby a space for independent development.


  This article is from Anguchi's official website: http://www.anutric.com/

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