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Eat this during pregnancy! Baby is healthy, mother is not fat

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2018/07/03 00:01
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There is no harm without comparison, the same is pregnant, for some pregnant mothers to gain a few pounds of weight, fat even even the mother did not know, and some are only fat belly is not fat, more sexy?

  There is no harm without comparison, the same is pregnant, for some pregnant mothers to gain a few pounds of weight, fat even even the mother did not know, and some are only fat belly is not fat, more sexy?


  How to manage weight during pregnancy? How to eat to make your baby healthy and your mother not fat? Xiaobian to help everyone!


  Weight management principle - reasonable weight gain


  Although a lot of pregnant mother's slim body is very enviable, but Xiaobian must tell everyone: during pregnancy can not blindly pursue thin! "Rational weight gain" is the best choice.


  ☆ Excessive weight gain during pregnancy, pregnant women are prone to high blood pressure, diabetes, and can easily cause complications during pregnancy, cesarean section, dystocia, soft tissue injury, postpartum hemorrhage and affect postpartum body shape recovery;


  ☆ If the weight gain is too small, the pregnant mother is prone to undernutrition, which will lead to an increase in the incidence of premature infants and intrauterine growth retardation.


  What is the "reasonable weight gain"?

  Guidelines for weight gain during pregnancy at the American Academy of Medical Sciences:


  (Note: The BMI index, the body mass index, is the number of kilograms of body weight divided by the square of the height of the meter.)


  ◎ Mothers who are underweight before pregnancy, ie BMI≤18.5, the total weight gain should be 12.5~18kg.


  ◎ The mother with normal weight before pregnancy, 18.5 ≤ BMI ≤ 24.9, the total weight gain should be 11.5 ~ 16kg.


  ◎ Overweight mother before pregnancy, ie 25 ≤ BMI ≤ 29.9, the total weight gain should be 7~11.5kg


  ◎ Pre-pregnancy obese mother, ie BMI ≥ 30, the weight gain during pregnancy is controlled at 5 ~ 9kg.


  Pregnancy diet principle - balanced and diverse

  Diet during pregnancy should follow the principle of "balanced diversity". How much food do you eat? The Chinese Nutrition Society gave scientific advice.


  However, the intake of food should also be determined according to the weight before pregnancy! If the pregnancy is thin, you can choose the highest value. If you are overweight or obese during pregnancy, please choose a low value.


  Not fat during pregnancy

  Although I know the scientific intake of various foods, due to different living habits and cooking methods, some pregnant mothers are still very easy to be overweight. The following few tips can help everyone control calorie intake reasonably!



  ★Food order: drink water first → then drink soup → eat green vegetables → finally eat and meat.


  ★ Develop a habit of eating three meals.


  ★ Lettuce/fruit salad should be scraped off after salad dressing, or not required.


  ★ Meat should be peeled and not fat, only lean meat.


  ★Fry food first go to the fried dough and then eat.


  ★ Thick soups only eat solid content, but do not drink soup.


  ★ dishes with broth, then drain the soup a little before eating.


  ★ Replace dessert with fruit.


  ★ Replace sugary drinks and juices with boiled water, unsweetened drinks and juices.


  ★ No more eating for three hours before going to bed (except for boiled water).


  Cooking method


  ★ Try to cook, steam, stew, cold, hot, simmer, and marinate.


  ★ Do not add more oil to the above cooking methods. Add soy sauce.


  ★ Add less sugar when cooking.


  ★ Use less hooks when cooking.


  ★ Greens can be eaten more, but it is best to use hot, or drip the soup to reduce the intake of oil (or wash with clear soup or boiled water).


  ★ Do not eat meat and broth.


  Finally, it is recommended that pregnant mothers choose a milk powder suitable for their pregnancy, through scientific formula, while managing nutrition, manage your weight!


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