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Anutric takes you into the goat milk powder (1)

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2018/06/14 00:01
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 The protein and fat of goat's milk is one-third that of milk, which is better than milk. Therefore, it is recognized by the world as a dairy product that is closer to breast milk than milk. And goat milk warming, spleen and kidney, is a healthy preferred dairy product.

  The protein and fat of goat's milk is one-third that of milk, which is better than milk. Therefore, it is recognized by the world as a dairy product that is closer to breast milk than milk. And goat milk warming, spleen and kidney, is a healthy preferred dairy product.


  Anutric infant formula goat milk powder

  The fat bulbs that are more easily digested and absorbed are similar to breast milk in size by about 1/3 of milk; the protein structure is similar to that of breast milk, and a soft curd is formed in the stomach, so the absorption rate is higher than that of milk.


  Not fat, less allergic goat milk is slightly alkaline, and contains more medium-chain fatty acids than milk, effectively avoiding fat accumulation; α_S1 casein is the main allergen in milk, and the content of goat milk is only 1/ of milk. 10, so goat milk is not allergic.


  The protein, minerals and vitamins in the nutrient-rich and balanced goat milk are higher than milk, and the vitamin B and niacin are even more than double. The goat milk also contains EGF which can activate and repair cells in breast milk, providing more Immunity.


  What misunderstandings does Bao Baobao have on goat milk?

  Sheep milk powder has astringent taste, baby does not like to drink

  Anutric formula goat milk powder will be dislocated during production, so Bao Dabao does not need to worry. Moreover, Bao Dabao mothers can't judge whether their baby likes or dislikes with their own taste. The baby's taste buds are different from adults.


  Nutritional value of goat milk

  1. Goat milk is rich in nutrients and bioactive substances


  Goat milk is rich in nutrients and bioactive substances, 64 kinds of lactic acid, more than 20 kinds of vitamins, 25 kinds of minerals and more than 20 kinds of amino acids. Among them, goat milk protein and immunoglobulin content is slightly higher than milk. The role of immunoglobulins in humans is that antibiotics cannot be replaced. Usually, diseases caused by viruses, such as inflammation, can not only effectively kill the virus after using antibiotics, but may cause many side effects to the human body. And immunoglobulins can effectively eliminate the virus, giving the baby more protection than milk.


  2. The price of goat milk powder is more expensive than milk powder

  Because the resources of goat milk are much less than that of cow's milk, and the requirements for the living environment of dairy goats and dairy cows are different, cows are suitable for captivity, while goats are suitable for free-range, mainly for grass and hay. Due to the destructive nature of dairy goats, some developed regions have banned the increase in the number of dairy goats. Therefore, goat milk is generally 2 to 5 times more expensive than cow's milk in the international market. In addition, goat milk has certain medical value, health value and beauty value, and the added value of the products produced is also higher, which reduces the consumption of goat milk. Therefore, it is difficult for the global goat milk price to be higher than the milk. change.


  6 reasons to choose Annus goat milk powder

  1. Imported milk source

  The unique advantages of goat milk and the use of full-fat goat milk imported from the Netherlands, special personnel to purchase rigorous inspection, the country of origin and China's double strict testing, through ISO9001, IFS, HACCP EU and HACCP and other certification, safety and peace of mind, for the baby Healthy growth provides reliable protection;


  2. Pharmaceutical-grade GMP management standards

  Adopting the drug quality management mode, taking the HACCP and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as the main line, strictly implementing the requirements of the production license review rules, and establishing quality control for more than 60 years without quality and safety accidents. recording;


  3, HPLC_MS inspection technology

  The product is inspected by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (HPLC_MS) technology for the analysis of the drug, and the ionized fragments are analyzed to effectively detect fine microbial residues, further ensuring high quality of the product and ensuring that each drop of milk is safe and pure;


  4, the whole process of quality traceability system

  Established a food safety traceability system for production management and control, which enables all aspects of production and sales to be under control, realizing the true information sharing between enterprises, government regulatory authorities, distributors and consumers, and achieving product quality and traceability throughout the entire process. ;


  5, balanced and comprehensive nutrition

  Integrating the developmental nutritional needs of the baby's brain, bones and healthy growth, it adds OPO structural fat, 36 kinds of imported fruit and vegetable extracts of French brand Naturex, choline, and other nutrients, and provides reasonable ratio to the baby. Adequate nutrition for physical and mental development.


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