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Bao Ma must watch the baby sleep, should it be corrected?

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2018/04/10 00:01
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 Many parents are worried when they see their baby falling asleep. They are not worried about oppressing the heart, or they suspect that the baby is sick. 

  Many parents are worried when they see their baby falling asleep. They are not worried about oppressing the heart, or they suspect that the baby is sick. That's right, sleeping on your back is a deadly risk, but as long as parents pay attention to avoiding these problems, they can greatly reduce the risk of danger.


  Why do babies like to sleep?

  Seeking a sense of security: The fetus is in the mother's womb is the abdomen super-inner, the back facing outward curling posture, and this posture is the most natural self-protection posture, so the baby will feel more secure when sleeping.



  Poor breathing: Because of sleeping, it helps the nasopharyngeal airway to become bigger and relieves poor breathing. So when your baby has a stuffy nose, you will choose to sleep to ease the discomfort. It should be noted here that once the baby has nasal congestion, snoring, restless sleep, and occasional turning over and other symptoms, it is necessary to check to see if it is suffering from adenoid hypertrophy.


  When can the baby sleep?

  Lying on your back is the safest sleep position for your baby.


  The American Science Society places special emphasis on:


  Baby 6 months ago is strictly forbidden to sleep!

  Almost all babies can turn over on their own after 6 months, so after 6 months, the baby can let them decide which position to sleep with, and parents should keep the bed clean and free of debris. After the baby can turn over on his own, the risk of SIDS is not so high, so the dividing line that can sleep is whether the baby can turn over during sleep.


  Which posture is the healthiest baby?

  Supine: The baby lying on his back not only reduces the risk of suffocation, but also "liberates" the limbs to facilitate activities, and more parents can directly observe the expression of the baby's face and provide timely care. Of course, there are also drawbacks, that is, the milk stains of the milk spill easily flow into the ear, causing infection, aspiration, and aspiration pneumonia, so it is easy to spill milk, spit milk, and respiratory discomfort. It is not recommended to use supine. A good baby in all aspects, the supine sleeping position is the most correct.


  Side lying: The advantage of this sleeping position is that the baby is more secure because it is like sleeping in the mother's stomach. At the same time, it can prevent the aspiration caused by spitting milk and overflowing milk, which is conducive to the smooth entry of food in the stomach into the intestine. The drawback is that it is easy to size the face and sleep. Therefore, it takes 3 to 4 hours to alternately sleep on the side, which is the correct sleeping position.


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