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Insufficient milk? Come and do your homework to find the reason

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2018/03/14 00:01
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 As a mother, new mothers often encounter various obstacles, such as lack of milk, many mothers have encountered this situation. Let's talk about the common sense of chasing milk.

  As a mother, new mothers often encounter various obstacles, such as lack of milk, many mothers have encountered this situation. Let's talk about the common sense of chasing milk.


  Common causes of insufficient milk:

  1. Baby sucking time is not enough

  Many babies fall asleep while breastfeeding, so that the breasts are not sucked for enough time, it is difficult to effectively stimulate the secretion of milk.


  2. Baby sucking posture is incorrect

  If the baby sucks improperly, it is likely that he will not be able to drink breast milk, and it will not stimulate the mother to produce lactation reflex. This will affect the mother's milk production, resulting in insufficient milk.


  3. Baby oral dysfunction

  Some babies suffer from normal sucking due to facial defects, which causes the milk secretion of New Mother's milk to fall, resulting in insufficient milk.


  4. Too few feedings

  Some new mothers wait until the baby is very hungry, or the feeding time is longer, which will affect the secretion of milk, which will eventually lead to insufficient milk.


  Quick get chase milk coup:

  1. Let the baby suck more

  This is very important, only the baby sucks hard to form a good stimulus, prompting the new mother's breasts to continuously secrete milk. If necessary, you can use a breast pump at the same time.


  2. Ensure effective feeding

  The new mother must not only take the correct feeding posture, but also let the baby eat the milk. In normal times, you should pay more attention to rest, drink plenty of water, and ensure the normal secretion of milk.


  3. Keep your mood happy

  After childbirth, the new mother's mood is easy to fluctuate, easy to produce bad emotions, which will affect the milk secretion. It is recommended that you try to keep your mood as pleasant as possible, which is more conducive to milk secretion.


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