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Common mistakes in breastfeeding, how many of you?

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2018/01/16 00:01
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There is a lot of knowledge in breastfeeding, do the moms know? Many treasure moms choose breastfeeding and hope to give their children more nutrition.

  There is a lot of knowledge in breastfeeding, do the moms know? Many treasure moms choose breastfeeding and hope to give their children more nutrition. But what are the common mistakes in breastfeeding? How many of you? Everyone knows that breastfeeding is the best for both the baby and the mother. But there are often some wrong practices that affect the secretion of breast milk and the ongoing breastfeeding. Today we will talk about some common "pits" in breastfeeding, and everyone can avoid avoiding them as much as possible!


  1. No milk is opened in time after birth. Within a few days after the baby was born, the new mother did not open the milk in time due to weakness, pain, etc., resulting in milk deposition and lactation. In fact, after the delivery of the mother, the placenta is started to secrete prolactin, which has already secreted milk. Although the amount is small, it is enough for the newborn to have a small appetite.


  If the baby is not sucked on the breast, the breast does not get the stimulation of sucking, the new mother's body will think that no milk is needed, the secretion of prolactin will decrease, and the secretion of milk will also decrease. At the same time, the baby does not have the experience of sucking the breast. If the bottle is eaten, it is especially easy to cause the nipple to be confused. The baby does not like the mother's breast, and without the stimulation of sucking, the milk secretion will be greatly reduced.


  2. premature intake of nourishing soup Baby is born, the family's concern for the mother can be described as meticulous. Various kinds of nutrient pig's trotters soup, squid soup, pigeon soup, and black-bone soup are in turn, but within a week of just giving birth to the baby, because the baby sucks less and the gastrointestinal function of the mother has not recovered, it is not suitable for eating these too nourishing soup. Category. Excessive intake of protein and fat is not only bad for the lower milk, but also makes the milk thicker in the mammary gland and becomes less fluid. This is not only easy to cause milk deposition, but also hinders new milk secretion. The deposited milk is a very good medium for bacteria, and acute mastitis will follow. Therefore, the diet should be light and soft within one week after delivery, and the maternal body should be restored to supplement nutrition.


  3. the position of the breast is not right The new mother has to learn too much, and the feeding posture is a very important aspect. Many mothers only suck the nipples to the baby, so that the baby can not only eat breast milk, but also cause nipple problems such as nipple splitting, pain, bleeding and so on. The correct feeding posture is that the baby contains most of the areola of the mother, so that the feeding will not be painful, and the baby can also eat the milk. Mothers must ensure the frequency of feeding, and the number of feedings will also lead to a decrease in lactation. Feed on demand, watch your baby, don't watch time.


  4. prematurely give the baby a bottle. People are tending towards a relaxed side. If the baby is given a bottle too early, he is accustomed to the bottle-saving method of feeding the bottle, and he is not willing to eat the mother's milk (because it is very laborious). Such a lack of stimulating breasts will soon reduce the secretion of milk, and the amount of milk is getting less and less. Many mothers mix and feed, many of them are because the child is crying, worried that the child is not full. In fact, the baby crying is not necessarily hungry, it may be cold, hot, uncomfortable, and want to let the mother baby. . . So don't label yourself with "milk enough" first, look for other reasons. Breastfeeding is hard and happy. Looking at the little bit of cuddling in his arms, all the hard work is not a problem!


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