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How do expectant mothers eat health "food"?

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2017/12/06 00:01
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  Did you become a snack food during pregnancy? For the fetus in the abdomen, regardless of the danger of getting fat and the shape of the body, the most common thing every day is to eat, eat, and eat. Since you know how to eat and supplement your nutrition is very important to your baby, you know that if the nutrition is not correct, it will affect your baby's health and even bury the root cause of chronic diseases.

  Did you become a snack food during pregnancy? For the fetus in the abdomen, regardless of the danger of getting fat and the shape of the body, the most common thing every day is to eat, eat, and eat. Since you know how to eat and supplement your nutrition is very important to your baby, you know that if the nutrition is not correct, it will affect your baby's health and even bury the root cause of chronic diseases.


  The danger of metabolic abnormality during pregnancy should not be underestimated!


  Pregnancy seems to be a matter of expectant mothers, in fact, the two mothers and the fetus. The 40-week period of pregnancy is the most important and unique period in a woman's life. For the growth and development of the fetus, the amount of nutrients required by expectant mothers has also increased a lot.


  Pregnancy is the window of future health for mothers and offspring, and pregnancy is the window for women's lifelong health. If the metabolism during pregnancy is abnormal, overweight and obesity will cause dyslipidemia, pregnancy-induced hypertension and gestational diabetes, the latter three are both independent risk factors and mutually risk factors.


  Expectant mothers should not underestimate the abnormal metabolism of pregnancy, in addition to affecting pregnancy, the harm it brings is long-term. Short-term increases the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes and increases the risk of maternal mortality; in the long-term, the risk of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases in pregnant women and offspring increases.


  The occurrence of many chronic diseases is related to the early development of life

  In 2006, the WHO Nutrition Executive Committee proposed: "From pregnancy to 2 years after birth is a window of opportunity to prevent adult chronic diseases through nutritional intervention." The theory of metabolic programming and the fetal origin hypothesis of adult disease are a good explanation of the relationship between early life nutrition and adult disease.


  How does adult disease happen? Director Yan explained: "The traditional view is that genetic and adult environment lead to adult diseases. Among them, nutrition is an important environmental factor. The latest DOHaD theory believes that in addition to the above two factors, the intrauterine environment and early life environment will also Lead to adult diseases. The window of early life opportunities is 1000 days during pregnancy."


  After years of clinical research, more and more evidence shows that the occurrence of many chronic diseases is related to the early development of life, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, osteoporosis, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, schizophrenia, etc. .


  Nutrition experts prescribe "pregnancy nutrition prescription", a quick collection!


  Nutrition is an important environmental factor. Every day, the human body needs to obtain nutrients from food to supply energy, form collective tissues, and regulate physiological functions. When any kind of nutrients is seriously deficient, it is easy to cause diseases, such as beriberi, rickets, big neck disease, etc. are quite common. In pregnancy, the correct supplement of nutrition is more important. Director Yan has pre-pregnancy nutrition prescriptions and nutritional prescriptions for pregnant women. Let's learn quickly.


  Nutritional prescriptions for 3 months before pregnancy: reasonable nutrition, weight control, and folic acid supplementation of 0.4_0.8 mg per day. Those with genetic diseases, chronic diseases and infectious diseases should be pregnant under the guidance of a doctor and use drugs rationally to avoid affecting the normal development of the fetus. Avoid contact with harmful substances in the living and working environment, change bad habits, maintain mental health, and choose a reasonable way of exercise.


  Nutritional prescription during pregnancy: In addition to the nutritional intake of ordinary people, it is also necessary to add folic acid to increase foods rich in iron and iodine. Appropriate increase in milk, fish, poultry and eggs in the middle and late pregnancy. When you have severe morning sickness, eat less and eat more meals, and move around in moderation to maintain good living habits.


  Director Yan reminded mothers that when food intake is too much, obesity during pregnancy can cause many problems and increase the risk of pregnancy complications. Fetuses are also affected, and many childhood obesity is largely due to obesity of their mother during pregnancy. Therefore, proper weight gain can help prevent metabolic abnormalities during pregnancy and reduce adverse pregnancy outcomes.


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