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Which pregnant women need to be admitted to hospital in advance? Be alert in 7 situations

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2017/11/13 00:01
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 When is the pregnant mother most suitable for admission? Some pregnant women need to be hospitalized in advance and need medical supervision, while others do not need to be admitted to the hospital in advance, such as the following categories.

  When is the pregnant mother most suitable for admission? Some pregnant women need to be hospitalized in advance and need medical supervision, while others do not need to be admitted to the hospital in advance, such as the following categories.


  1. More than expected date of delivery

  If the mother has not delivered before the expected date of delivery, the doctor recommends that the hospital be hospitalized at the latest 41 weeks. After admission, the placental function, fetal intrauterine condition monitoring, and maternal fetal head basin assessment are evaluated. The doctor helps the mother to prepare for the induction of labor.


  2. The fetal position is not correct

  Such as breech position, transverse position, multiple birth (obstetric) pregnancy, need to be ready for cesarean section at any time.


  3. Multiple pregnancy

  The condition of a single pregnancy may be ready for admission at any time for 37 weeks. If it is a twin or multiple pregnancy, usually to 34 weeks, the first 32 weeks will be ready for production, because the preterm birth rate of multiple pregnancy is very high, and may be earlier than a single pregnancy, if there are other complications Admission monitoring time may be earlier.


  4. Scar uterus

  That is, women who have had a history of cesarean section have another pregnancy, and the doctor may recommend maternal hospitalization at 38_39 weeks to assess the safety of the delivery method and vaginal delivery.


  5. Gestational diabetes

  For patients with gestational diabetes, doctors generally advocate that they will be hospitalized for 39 weeks and monitor the induction of labor at the appropriate time.


  6. Pregnancy with heart disease

  According to the severity of heart disease in pregnant women, doctors should advise pregnant women to be hospitalized early and do appropriate obstetric, medical or surgical treatment.


  7. Preeclampsia

  That is, hypertensive disorder of pregnancy, the doctor will distinguish according to the degree of severity, if it is severe pre-eclampsia, regardless of which gestational age occurred in the hospital.


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