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Bad habits that prospective parents want to change

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2017/11/10 00:01
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 The bad habits of expectant mothers and prospective fathers are not only harmful to their own bodies, but also affect the conception of expectant mothers, the health of pregnant embryos, and even cause miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth and congenital malformations. The following points:

  The bad habits of expectant mothers and prospective fathers are not only harmful to their own bodies, but also affect the conception of expectant mothers, the health of pregnant embryos, and even cause miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth and congenital malformations. The following points:


  1. The prospective father does not take a hot bath.

  We know that male sperm production requires a lower temperature than body temperature, and if the temperature of the testicle rises, the number of abnormal sperm will increase. Therefore, the frequent hot showers of the prospective father will cause abnormal sperm, which will result in the deformity of the baby and the incidence of infertility after the wife is pregnant.


  2. Can not go online for a long time

  Long-term Internet access is harmful to the health of the mother. Long-term Internet access has a direct impact on the health of the mother. Computer monitors are accompanied by radiation and electromagnetic waves. Long-term use can hurt people's eyes; and the computer is running for too long, fingers, upper limbs, forced sitting postures are not changed, and it is easy to fatigue, leading to diseases of the musculoskeletal system. This is a bad thing for the expectant mother who needs health.


  Secondly, the electromagnetic waves are easy to be aimed at the mother, causing abnormalities in reproductive function and embryonic development, and symptoms such as dysmenorrhea and prolonged menstruation. A small number of expectant mothers may also have premature birth or miscarriage, and can also cause fetal malformations.


  3. Mothers should not use cosmetics.

  Various cosmetics such as lipsticks, nail varnishes, hair dyes, cold scalding agents and various styling agents contain chemical substances harmful to the human body. According to foreign medical experts, hair dyes not only cause skin cancer, but also cause breast cancer, resulting in fetal baby deformity.


  4. Don't eat more lunch. Some expectant mothers often eat lunch in the unit at noon because of busy work or to save time. This is a very bad eating habit. It is not only bad for pre-pregnancy nutrition, but also easy to eat unhygienic food. Pregnancy has great harm.


  Pre-pregnancy nutrition is important for the birth of a good, healthy child. Many low birth weight infants are often caused by lower maternal weight before pregnancy, undernutrition or less weight gain after pregnancy. In addition, expectant mothers with malnutrition before pregnancy may also cause mammary gland dysplasia, insufficient milk production after childbirth, and ultimately affect the feeding of newborns.


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