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Four strokes to drive away depression

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2016/12/15 00:01
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According to the study, women with depression feel depressed, and this period lasts for two weeks or more. Other possible signs include the following.

  According to the study, women with depression feel depressed, and this period lasts for two weeks or more. Other possible signs include the following.


  First, what are the symptoms of depression during pregnancy?

  According to the study, women with depression feel depressed, and this period lasts for two weeks or more. Other possible signs are:


  1. Lazy: Feeling suddenly tired and weak, consciously lazy and incompetent, even daily life, simple work or housework is too lazy to cope.


  2, stay: movement reduced, dull action, slow thinking, memory and attention decreased, understanding significantly decreased.


  3. Change: The personality changes significantly.


  4. worry: melancholy pessimism, depression, no confidence and vitality, there is a sense of ignorance. The mood is depressed, depressed, lack of interest in the outside world, and feels physically uncomfortable.


  5. worry: think more, think about it, sit still, or often blame, inferiority, or insomnia for weeks or even months.


  Fourth, what should I do if I have depression during pregnancy?

  1. Try to relax yourself and give up the idea of ​​trying to get everything done before the baby is born.


  Taking care of yourself is the first prerequisite for a healthy and lovely baby. Once your child is born, you will never have that much time to take care of yourself. So when you are pregnant, you should try to read the novel, eat a delicious breakfast in bed, go for a walk in the woods, and do as much as possible to make you feel good.


  2. Communicate with your spouse.

  Expectant mothers must ensure that they have enough time with their spouses every day and keep their relatives in communication. If your body allows it, consider going out on vacation together and trying to make your relationship more intimate. This way, when your child is born, you will have a strong backing and you can rely on it.


  3. Fight against stress.

  Don't let your life be full of frustration, always pay attention to adjusting your mood. Take a deep breath, sleep well, exercise more, and pay attention to nutrition. If you still feel anxious from time to time, consider taking part in a yoga practice class during pregnancy to help you stay calm.


  4. Express your emotions.

  Tell your lover and friends about your fears and concerns about the future and tell them clearly what you feel. When you are in an extraordinary period of pregnancy, you need the spiritual support of your lover and friends, and only when they understand all your feelings can they give you the comfort you want.

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