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7 teach you to take a beautiful pregnant woman photo

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2016/07/19 00:01
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Many professional photographers recommend the best time to shoot after 30 weeks of pregnancy, when the abdomen has become very round, but the body is not too tired. Of course, every expectant mother, every pregnancy has individual differences, specific to each person, should be based on their own feelings.

  The best time: when the stomach is moderately sized


  Many professional photographers recommend the best time to shoot after 30 weeks of pregnancy, when the abdomen has become very round, but the body is not too tired. Of course, every expectant mother, every pregnancy has individual differences, specific to each person, should be based on their own feelings.


  Best location: the background is clean and the most important

  Indoor photo: It is not easy to make mistakes. It is standing on the side with good lighting and clean walls. Under this clean background, it can better reflect the protagonist of the picture - that is you.


  Outdoor photo: Camp in a beautiful and secluded place near your home. The background can be flowers and trees, river creeks, but don't be too complicated, so you don't have to steal your limelight.


  Best clothing: can highlight the belly line

  The main point of shooting for pregnant women is the gorgeous belly, right? Therefore, wearing tight-fitting clothing can best highlight your great curves. It is best not to wear a special "one-piece" maternity dress when taking pictures. It is difficult to show your body curve, especially the connection between the chest and the abdomen. If you want to take a photo of the abdomen, then it is best to wear a mini vest or sports underwear, or simply find a big shirt of the prospective father, only the top two buckles, the rest is naturally placed behind. The lower body can wear the pants before pregnancy (with the big belly blocking, no buttoning), which makes it more neat, and will not kill the original hip curve.


  Best posture: sideways or classic 45°

  When taking pictures, the expectant mother opens her shoulders and puts her back straight and stands up. This is also the most stretchable posture. Of course, sitting in a chair and lying on the sofa can also be considered. In addition, the placement of the hand is very important, the action avoids excessive exaggeration, it is better to smile naturally akimbo or cuddle, or take some props related to the baby.


  Best view: up and down

  Shooting the abdomen at different angles will have different perspective effects, and the head-up shooting is more moderate. From the bottom to the top, you can especially highlight the "scale" of the mother's abdomen. This is especially useful for people with a slightly smaller and lower abdomen, and this angle is not very demanding on the background, but it may stand out. Expectant mothers become less beautiful double chin because of pregnancy reaction, so mothers should try to stretch their chin when taking pictures.


  The other is a top-down downshot that creates a thin, pointed face effect that also highlights the contours of the abdomen while also covering the folds beneath the abdomen.


  Best light: the best light in the morning and afternoon

  Photographing works best under natural light, such as standing in front of open windows and doors to facilitate light. When using artificial lighting, it is best to use fluorescent lamps. If you are shooting outdoors, it is best to choose sunny weather and avoid the hot sun at noon. Professional photographers suggest that the best outdoor light is the golden sunset in the morning and 1~2 hours before sunset, which will give the hair a beautiful glow.


  Best planning: a little brainstorming ideas

  In addition to daily drip, you can also plan some scenes with a storyline, you can record the process of pregnancy very creatively!

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