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Anutric cares for deaf children, warm and silent world

2018/03/27 00:01
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According to the results of the second National Disability Sample Survey, the number of people with hearing disabilities in China reached 27.8 million, of which 137,000 were children under 6 years of age.

  According to the results of the second National Disability Sample Survey, the number of people with hearing disabilities in China reached 27.8 million, of which 137,000 were children under 6 years of age. Due to genetics, pesticides and other factors, there are 2 to 30,000 hearing-impaired newborns every year. The data in the table is cold and without a trace of love, but behind it is a string of beautiful names, a family that is similar in appearance and has experienced a strange, in the eyes of a pair of hopes, a bitter and hard story There is a lot of helplessness and sigh.


  On March 23, 2018, President Fang Ce on behalf of Anutric (China) Co., Ltd. made a donation to the China Children's Charity Foundation (hereinafter referred to as "China Children's Association") and entered the Tianyun Hearing Speech Rehabilitation Training Center. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianyun"), Ms. Li Lifang and Director of Tianyun Zhang Qiong of the China Children's Association met us.



Fang’s speech


  When we arrived, the children were very happy and showed their purest smiles. Among them, only two or three years old, and the big ones were seven or eight years old. These children are like angels with wings, although they can’t hear the sound. But still clever and sensible, still innocent and lovely. When Mr. Fang (President of Anutric) spoke, they listened with a hearing aid and knew that we were a company that helped them. When the children shouted in a tender voice, they called Mom and Dad and Uncle and Uncle, at that moment, we With disabled babies, orphans are like a family.



On-site donation


  The event was donated to the China Youth Children's Charity Foundation, which is worth 100,000 yuan of Anutric products for the healthy growth of children in the Tianyun Rehabilitation Center.


  The children of the Tianyun Hearing Speech Rehabilitation Training Center in Haidian District, Beijing also brought us their carefully prepared gifts, dance performances - thanksgiving.


  When we performed "Grateful Hearts" in a non-standard sign language, we were moved when we watched the children follow the movements and sang with us in a tone of change. The children also carefully prepared for us the program "Grateful to have you". Together with the teacher, I sang "Grateful to have you, grateful to have you" over and over again. We are in the blue sky, we are a family that love each other.


  Ms. Qi of the China Children's Association told us that most of them are orphans and children who have no parents to care for. This is their home, full of warm homes. Because of this, they need more care from the society and let them Feel the warmth of home.



Live interaction



All photos


  We are all the same, we are one of many loving companies. I hope that our love will become a force to accompany growth and care for the health of children. Let the children hear the sound of sound and live a better life.


  Cute children, you are a little flower that needs to be put on, there will be wind and rain, there will be lightning, but don't be afraid, if we are there, you will absorb nutrients! Work hard to grow, not afraid of regrets!


  Anutric has been committed to the development, production and sales of high-end infant food, supplies and health foods for many years. At the same time, as a company that uses its heart to cast quality and loves the warmth of the world, it knows its social responsibilities. Since its inception, it has been enthusiastic about charity. Every step of the company's development will do its utmost to help the people in need of help. The society is warmer and contributes to its own meager strength.


  We believe that only the heart has love and gratitude, and the human mind is not ridiculous and barren. It is the most powerful upward driving force, and the cornerstone of the enterprise will be stronger and stronger.

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