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The large-scale documentary "Quality" column crew went into Anutric to follow the report (1)

2018/03/16 00:01
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"Quality" is the first special documentary in China focusing on growth-oriented enterprises. It is broadcast on CCTV9 record channel every Monday at 18:30, hosted by CCTV's famous hosts Zhang Tengyue and Li Yuxi. The column uses documentary filming techniques and aims to "make China's quality more respected" and is committed to using the power of images to promote Chinese quality to the world.

"Quality" is the first special documentary in China focusing on growth-oriented enterprises. It is broadcast on CCTV9 record channel every Monday at 18:30, hosted by CCTV's famous hosts Zhang Tengyue and Li Yuxi. The column uses documentary filming techniques and aims to "make China's quality more respected" and is committed to using the power of images to promote Chinese quality to the world.

In March 2018, CCTV's large-scale feature documentary "Quality" column drama came to the headquarters of Tianjin-Annus (China) Co., Ltd. located on the coast of the Bohai Sea. The president and related executives of the other party conducted the column shooting.
On-site communication
Quality China, manufacturing the future, casting national brands must have excellent quality, this Anyangxi can stand out among many dairy products is also derived from its constant pursuit of quality. Director Liu, who has rich experience in filming large-scale documentaries, gave Annus executives a series of questions about how to understand "quality" and the development of the company. Mr. Fang Ze gave his views and opinions on the understanding of quality:
Quality is not only about making the product itself, but also improving the quality of the service and enhancing the consumer experience. Annus always takes "care for the healthy growth of the baby" as its mission, and aims to provide "a comprehensive and balanced quality product suitable for Chinese babies". From the excellent quality of the product itself to the subtle product design of the considerate consumer, we all have The professional team conducted analysis and research. As early as 2007, the "high-covering spoon" pioneered the infant milk powder industry and led the industry to follow suit. High-quality products and services, as well as the spirit of continuous innovation, are the core competencies of Anneuci's invincible position in many years of competition.

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