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Anutric was approved by the State Food and Drug Administration for the first time and was approved by the expert group!

2016/09/07 00:01
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 The “Management Method for the Registration of Infant Formula Milk Powder Products”, which has been swaying for nearly a year, has finally settled. 

  The “Management Method for the Registration of Infant Formula Milk Powder Products”, which has been swaying for nearly a year, has finally settled. The introduction of this registration management method means that the management of infant formula in China will rise to the same level as drug supervision. The method requires not only the qualification examination, but also the formulation of the formula, which is called the "double strict" system. It aims to improve the comprehensive ability of research and development, production and inspection of infant formula milk enterprises, and to ensure the formula of infant formula milk powder. Quality and reliability! The method also requires that each dairy company does not exceed three series of nine formulas in principle. The purpose of limiting the number of formulas is to reduce the malicious competition of enterprises and establish more high-quality domestic brands.

  The first batch of formula registration audit of the General Administration of Food and Drug Administration, Anutric was approved by the expert group
  Before the official implementation of this method, the State Food and Drug Administration first reviewed three domestic large-scale infant and young milk enterprises. The first station chose Anutric's production base, Anda Industrial Co., Ltd.



  In August 2016, a group of 6 people led by Director Long Jihong, head of the registration committee of the infant formula formula of the National Food and Drug Administration, flew from Beijing to Heilongjiang and conducted in-depth discussions and audits at the Anda factory. During the discussion, Chairman Anda Wang expressed his support and support for the New Deal. At the same time, in response to the various requirements involved in the management approach, the relevant responsible personnel of the factory reported to the expert group one by one, and led the expert group to conduct a factory site inspection. The National Food and Drug Administration audit team focused on formula differentiation, quality stability and brand sales for more than 5 years, and reviewed nine formulations of three series of products, such as Annus, which were unanimously approved by the expert group. On request, the head of the review team of the National Food and Drug Administration, on the spot, said that it could submit the registration of the application for the product.





  Anutric continues to uphold "high-end precision formula, comprehensive nutrition balance"

  Anutric has focused on the baby industry for more than a decade. In 2012, Annus imported the New Zealand simibaby infant formula into mainland China. It has always adhered to the research and development spirit of "high-end precision formula, comprehensive nutrition balance", strictly control the source of milk, and follow the pharmaceutical-level GMP management standards in the production process. The product was tested by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS) with the analysis of the drug, and the qualitative results were accurate and reliable. The food safety traceability system for production management and control enables the production and sales links to be in a controlled state, realizing the true information sharing between enterprises, government regulatory agencies, distributors and consumers.
  In the face of the stringent requirements of the New Deal, Anutric will continue to do a good job; in the face of the rapid development of the baby industry, Anneuxi will continue to innovate and create a first-class infant food business!


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