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Bao Ma’s Parenting Experience: Why do you choose a high-priced goat milk powder “justified”?

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2019/06/24 00:01
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In the eyes of the younger generation of Bao Ma and Bao Da, the healthy growth of children is the first.

  In the eyes of the younger generation of Bao Ma and Bao Da, the healthy growth of children is the first. However, for children who are at 0-3 years old and whose immune system is not yet fully developed, a little bit of climate change, as well as allergies, getting angry, digestion and absorption, may cause fever, stomach and other diseases. Not only seriously affecting the healthy growth of children, but also the parents are distressed, the young Wang Ms. encountered the problem of poor digestion and poor nutrition absorption.


  Because Ms. Wang’s baby’s stomach is not good, she often has problems such as diarrhea and vomiting. To this end, she did not take her children to see a doctor and ate a lot of medicines, but the child was always in a bad state. The child grew slower than his peers. His height and weight were thinner than his peers. In order to let the children grow up healthily, Ms. Wang consulted the childcare experts. The experts learned about the child's diet and gave me advice on Ms. Wang's "changing the milk powder being used for goat milk powder".


  After listening to expert advice, Ms. Wang had an in-depth understanding of goat milk powder. She found that goat milk powder is more conducive to the baby's nutrient absorption and body immunity than the baby's milk powder. The reasons are mainly in three aspects: the fat particles of goat milk powder are small, the ratio of casein to whey protein in protein is closer to breast milk than milk, which can greatly reduce the digestive burden of the baby's stomach and stomach, and is beneficial to the nutrition absorption of the child; The content of allergens is low, the sensitization rate is low, and the common allergic phenomenon of children is reduced. In addition, the protein content of goat milk powder is high, and it is rich in natural functional ingredient - epithelial cell growth factor EGF, which is good for repairing intestinal tract. Mucosal damage, strengthen the baby's immune defense and enhance resistance. These three characteristics will greatly improve the physical condition of some infants who are allergic, have poor stomach and indigestion.


  Ms. Wang also saw the evaluation report on 21 domestic goat milk powder brands on the "baby evaluation" platform, from the milk-based raw materials, milk source, basic nutrition, intensive formula, characteristic strengthening formula, brand trust and other multi-dimensional horizontal After the comparison, Ms. Wang found that Anneuxi was ranked first in terms of high quality milk, scientific formula design, balanced nutrition, and good brand trust. In particular, Anutric Goat Milk Powder is 21 domestic goat milk. The only product in the powder that has no quality problems in the sampling test for five consecutive years, the product is excellent and the brand is trustworthy.


  To determine the quality of milk powder, milk source safety is the key!

  "Milk source" is the most concerned aspect of Ms. Wang. After understanding the best-selling goat milk powder on the market, Ms. Wang found that the global goat milk breeding base is mainly concentrated in Northern Europe, Australia, New Zealand and China, and Nordic, Australia and New Zealand belong to the South.  North latitude 40_50 degrees "Golden milk source belt", Anutric is using NL45 ° imported 100% pure goat whey protein, goat milk content is close to 80%, is three times the content of ordinary goat milk powder, breeding environment, Pasture management and raw milk safety standards are relatively advanced and strict. Therefore, Ms. Wang feels that Anutric is better than other brands of goat milk powder and the brand is more trustworthy.


  Balanced and balanced formula, balanced and perfect nutrition is more suitable for baby growth!


  Problems such as poor digestion and easy illness are directly related to the formula of milk powder. Therefore, from the perspective of formula of milk powder, Ms. Wang conducted a key investigation. After repeated comparisons of various brands of goat milk powder, there are about 88 goat milk powders registered in the formula, of which only 36 are pure goat milk powder. Many milk powders on the market are under the banner of goat milk powder, but the real 100%. There are not many pure goat milk. Many brands will add demineralized whey powder or desalted whey protein from milk in goat milk powder. The content of goat milk is not high, and the price/performance ratio is greatly reduced. Goat whey protein has the characteristics of high nutritional value, easy digestion and absorption, and contains various active ingredients. It can extract 6 grams of pure goat whey protein per 1000 grams of goat milk, and the cost is high. Many goat milk brand ingredients are not included in the list. Desalted goat milk powder is not 100% pure goat milk powder formula.


  And Anutric uses 100% pure goat milk formula, the first ingredient in the raw material is nutrient-rich desalted goat milk powder. Moreover, it focuses on the concept of full balance and affinity, adding structural lipids OPO, nucleotides, DHA+ARA, lutein, etc. It also uniquely adds the fruit extract extracted from Switzerland, which not only helps children build immune system, but also strengthens resistance. Force, prevention of diarrhea and other conditions, but also have multiple benefits for children's intelligence and vision. After a double-sided investigation of the milk source and formula of goat milk powder, Ms. Wang, who has accumulated a lot of experience in the selection of infant formula, decided to choose Annuji goat milk as the child's ration.


  User mouth-to-mouth communication Although the price of goat milk powder is high, it is actually "cost-effective"!


  After choosing Annus Goat Milk Powder, Ms. Wang’s baby’s digestive problems have been greatly improved. The frequency of diarrhea and vomiting of the baby is getting less and less, and in the parent-child class, the teacher praises the child's physical progress is very fast. In the words of Ms. Wang: "The price of goat milk powder is higher, but compared with the troubles of the past, the health of the child is the key to milk powder selection. Only when the baby grows up healthily can parents feel at ease."


  Now, when she meets a mother who has the same troubles as her, she will recommend the goat milk powder to them. Everyone chooses Anutric goat milk powder and feels good after all. One pass and ten pass, and with the fermenting effect of goat milk powder, Anutric is more and more loved by Baoma.



  The development of the digestive system of children aged 0_3 years is not perfect, but this stage is the key period for children's growth and development. Parents must pay attention to the nutritional absorption of the baby, choose healthy milk powder suitable for the baby's stomach, and help the child's immune system to develop normally. The child's healthy growth in the future will lay a solid foundation.

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