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How to choose a good goat milk powder for your baby

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2018/10/22 00:01
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 In Europe and the United States, goat milk is regarded as a boutique in dairy products, called "aristocratic milk." The international academic community is known as the "king of milk." With the popularity of formula goat milk in China, more and more mothers realize that goat milk is closer to breast milk than milk, and the baby is more likely to absorb, so choose to drink goat milk powder for the baby.

  In Europe and the United States, goat milk is regarded as a boutique in dairy products, called "aristocratic milk." The international academic community is known as the "king of milk." With the popularity of formula goat milk in China, more and more mothers realize that goat milk is closer to breast milk than milk, and the baby is more likely to absorb, so choose to drink goat milk powder for the baby. So is the goat's milk powder that the mothers give to the baby is pure enough? Anutric gave moms a little tips on how to choose a cost-effective infant formula milk powder?


  At present, due to the scarcity of goat milk and high nutritional value, the price of goat milk powder on the market is generally higher than that of milk powder, while some goat milk powder is not 100% pure goat milk powder as the mothers imagined. There are a lot of talks here:


  Because of its small molecular structure and easy absorption, goat milk is not prone to protein allergic reactions and is closer to breast milk, so it is increasingly favored by consumers and manufacturers. However, due to its scarcity and high cost, many companies add milk to goat milk to reduce costs. But its structural and nutritional advantages are greatly reduced compared to real pure goat milk.


  At present, infant formula milk powder on the market is divided into pure goat whey and non-pure sheep whey. The true infant formula pure goat milk powder means that the desalted whey powder, whey protein powder, whole milk powder and skim milk powder added in the milk powder are all derived from goat milk. Many goat milk powders may have added whey protein powder, bovine desalted whey powder or bovine skim milk powder. This addition makes the formula goat milk powder less "pure".


  On October 1, 2016, the “Regulations on the Registration of Formulas for Infant Formula Milk Powder Products” was officially implemented. The “Measures” clearly stipulates that if there is an animal source in the product name, it should be clearly marked in the ingredient list according to the product formula. An animal source of raw materials for dairy products such as raw milk, milk powder, and whey (protein) powder. For the infant formula milk powder production enterprise, if the milk composition is mixed in the infant formula milk powder in the future, it must be clearly marked.


  So, how do you recognize that the purchase of a good 100% pure goat whey protein goat milk powder?


  First, look at the ingredients list

  If the "desalted whey powder", "whey protein powder", "whole fat milk powder", and "skimmed milk powder" in the ingredient list are all derived from sheep, it can be proved that the goat milk powder is low-sensitivity, easy to absorb and not easy to get angry. Pure goat whey protein goat milk powder, if one or more of the "desalted whey powder", "whey protein powder", "full fat milk powder", "skimmed milk powder" are derived from milk, then Not really 100% pure goat whey goat milk. According to the statistics of relevant departments, as of August 2018, there are 85 goat milk powders registered through the national formula, of which 36 goat milk powders using pure goat whey protein, which means that they are circulating in the market. More than half of the goat's milk powder is non-pure goat whey protein infant formula goat milk powder. Mothers need to be careful.


  Second, look at the ranking order in the ingredient list

  According to the national standard, the raw materials in the ingredient list are sorted according to the amount of addition. The more the added amount, the higher the sorting, the less the amount added, and the lower the sorting.


  For example:Anutric goat milk powder products, ranked in the top two of the ingredients list is desalted goat milk powder, full fat goat milk powder, which shows that the first: Annus goat milk powder is pure goat milk using goat milk Powder, second, the largest addition to Anneuxi products is the high nutritional value of desalted goat milk powder and whole fat goat milk powder.


  After listening to the above tips for choosing goat milk powder, moms should know how to buy baby milk powder for infants. In addition, you can tell your mother here that Anuchi adds pure goat whey protein to the healthy growth of Chinese baby at a cost, and strives for excellence in quality. It is one of the few pure goat milk powders with both quality and reputation.

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