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The benefits of adding OPO to milk powder, this will understand after reading

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2018/10/15 00:01
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 Researchers have always developed infant formula by mimicking the nutrition and structure of breast milk, and through continuous improvement of formula to improve the digestion and absorption of milk powder. 

  Researchers have always developed infant formula by mimicking the nutrition and structure of breast milk, and through continuous improvement of formula to improve the digestion and absorption of milk powder. In the process of continuous reform and upgrading of infant formula, we have passed the first generation of DHA\ARA to promote brain development, the second generation of nucleotides to activate baby immunity, and now enter the third generation - OPO Structural lipids are approved for use as nutritional supplements in infant formulas. So, do moms know about OPO? Let's talk about it, OPO.


  OPO is simply summarized in one sentence. It is actually a structured fat. It is processed through advanced processes to form a unique two-position palmitic acid structure. This structure is similar to the molecular structure of breast milk lipids, which can make milk powder closer. Breast milk level.


  So what are the benefits of OPO for your baby?

  1. easy to absorb, reduce nutrient loss

  OPO structural lipids can be hydrolyzed into better digested short-chain saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids under the action of lipase, reducing the intestinal digestive burden on fat; reducing fatty acid binding to calcium in the intestine, forming saponified calcium which is difficult to absorb, Avoid double loss of fatty acids and calcium.


  2. soften stools, reduce constipation

  Ordinary vegetable oils, such as palmitic palmitic acid, are located at positions 1 and 3 of the glycerol backbone, which is the P_O_P structure. After the lipase is hydrolyzed by this lipase, the obtained free long-chain fatty acid easily forms an indigestible calcium soap clot with calcium in the intestine. Calcium soap hardens the texture of the stool, increasing the risk of constipation and blockage of the intestines.


  OPO structural grease can prevent this reaction from happening, making your baby's stool softer, reducing constipation and making your baby's bowel movement easier.


  3. is conducive to calcium absorption, improve bone strength

  A study published in the 2012 International Journal of Calcification shows that formula added with OPO structural lipids has a significant effect on the bone strength of term infants. OPO structural lipids reduce the occurrence of calcium soap, which is more conducive to the precipitation of calcium in the bones, and helps the growth and development of the baby's bones and teeth.


  4. help probiotics to proliferate

  The 2013 American Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition reported that OPO structural lipid formula is beneficial for increasing the number of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria in the intestine. OPO structural lipid can maintain the normal digestive state of the intestine, which is more conducive to the increase of the number of probiotics, forming a stable virtuous circle and maintaining the normal micro-ecological balance of the intestinal tract.


  5. the belly is more comfortable, the baby is less crying

  In 2014, Israeli scholars conducted a study and found that eating high levels of beta-palmitate (OPO structural fat) milk powder can reduce baby crying. Thanks to the easy-to-digest and absorb characteristics of OPO structure, the baby's belly is more comfortable, reducing the discomfort caused by abdominal distension, constipation and diarrhea.


  6. maintain intestinal health, reduce intestinal inflammation

  According to an experimental study in 2013, SN_2 palmitic acid can reduce intestinal erosion and its morphological damage. Simply put, it has a certain barrier protection effect on intestinal mucosa, which can reduce the incidence of enteritis.


  Through my introduction, did the moms have a deeper understanding of the nutritional components of OPO? Is there a new sense of choice in the selection of milk powder?


  Anutric infant formula contains high quality imported OPO structural fat, choose Anutric, give your baby a comprehensive and balanced care!

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