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Expert Decryption: How best is it for your baby to drink milk powder?

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2018/08/30 00:01
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Breast milk is the best and most natural food for your baby.

  Breast milk is the best and most natural food for your baby.


  But if breast milk is not enough or there is no way to breastfeed,


  Scientific knowledge of milk powder feeding is very important.


  And for many young daddy nurses, there is no time to delve into them.


  Find a reliable point of view and do scientific feeding.


  So what is the right formula for infant formula?


  According to incomplete statistics, 80% of mothers think that baby milk powder is 3 years old, 20% of mothers think that they drink 5 years old, 10% of mothers do not care, and the baby is willing to drink a few years old.


  In the case of formula, it is an important source of nutrition for babies without breastfeeding, including 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1_3 years old, etc.


  Baby drinking milk is best to drink around three years old

  Because the gastrointestinal function of the baby before 3 years old is not yet mature, if you give Xiaobao a meal before the age of 3, without adding any milk powder, it will lead to the lack of protein in the baby, which may lead to calcium deficiency and iron deficiency, which makes Xiaobao anemia and serious. It is rickets in children.


  Because Annuich milk powder contains all kinds of trace elements needed by the baby's body, drinking milk powder before the age of three can promote the development of bones and brain, and can provide various trace elements needed by the human body, which is beneficial to the health of children's bones and brain. Can enhance the child's body's ability to resist disease.


  What are the precautions for choosing baby milk powder for your baby?

  All the special formulas added to the milk powder are scientifically verified and published by the state to meet the nutritional needs of the baby.


  1. Choose the closest to breast milk

  Breast milk is the best love that mothers give to their babies. It is a natural nutritious food. When purchasing baby milk powder, you must choose the infant milk powder protein ratio that is closest to the breast milk level.


  2. Choose for age group

  The baby in the growing season, the nutritional ratio required at each stage is different, and the digestive ability is very different.


  Therefore, the mother should choose the appropriate milk powder for the baby's age. The marketed milk powder is roughly 0-6 months, 6-1 years old, 1-2 years old, and over 2 years old.


  3. Scientific formula formula

  When mixing milk powder, remember to thicken it. Do not compact or hold the milk powder when taking the milk powder. The milk powder that is prepared in this way is thick, which is not conducive to the baby's digestion.


  Use warm water instead of boiling water. It is better to control the water temperature at 40 °C during the brewing. If the temperature is too high, some nutrients in the milk powder will be destroyed.


  What are the benefits of baby drinking milk powder?

  Improve intelligence

  Milk powder has high nutritional value, and milk powder is easy to digest and absorb. It can provide energy for children's physical development. It is good for children's bones and teeth. If mother does not have breast milk, it is best to insist on milk powder feeding. Milk powder is rich in calcium. Promotes the development of your child's bones and can improve your intelligence.


  2. Promote growth and development

  Before the age of three, the baby develops faster and is an important stage in the development of the child's brain. Drinking milk powder before the age of three can promote the child's intellectual growth and development, and can improve the child's memory and immune function, but also promote the growth of the child's height.


  3. Improve the body's immune function

  Baby drinking milk powder can improve the body's immune function, can improve the child's body's disease resistance, can reduce the risk of the baby suffering from various diseases, and the milk powder is easy to digest and absorb, the milk powder contains the nutrients needed by the human body, and the baby drinks milk powder to the body before the age of three. It is very important that your baby's milk powder is good for healthy growth.


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