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Why does ARA in milk powder improve your baby's intelligence?

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2018/08/28 00:01
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Why are so many ramie to choose ARA infant formula for your baby?

  Baby is the hope of numbness,

  Is the flower of the future of the motherland,

  Every ramie wants to have a smart and healthy baby.

  After the baby is born, the baby milk powder is the first food.

  It plays a decisive role in the future of smart and healthy growth of the baby.


  Why are so many ramie to choose ARA infant formula for your baby?

  ARA (AA) scientific name arachidonic acid, also known as arachidonic acid, is an Omega 6 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid. In childhood, ARA is an essential fatty acid, and the lack of ARA may have serious adverse effects on the development of human tissues and organs, especially the development of the brain and nervous system. After growth, the human body can be transformed from the essential fatty acids linoleic acid and linolenic acid, so it is a semi-essential fatty acid.


  The role of ARA baby:

  Improve intelligence

  ARA is an important substance in the development of the human brain and optic nerve, which is very helpful for improving infant intelligence.


  2. Enhance vision

  ARA can enhance the visual acuity of infants.


  3. Soften blood vessels

  ARA has esterified cholesterol, increases blood vessel elasticity, lowers blood viscosity, and prevents vascular problems.


  4. Regulate blood cell function

  ARA can regulate a series of physiological activities such as blood cell function.


  5. Prevention of cardiovascular disease

  It has important effects in preventing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and tumors.


  6. Immune function

  It is a direct precursor of a 20-carbon derivative such as prostaglandin, leukotrienes, and thromboxane. These biologically active substances play an important role in the human cardiovascular system and immune system.


  What is the relationship between DHA and ARA?

  DHA is docosahexaenoic acid, commonly known as brain gold, which is abundant in human cerebral cortex and retina. It plays an important role in the development of brain and vision. It is an indispensable nutrient. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends daily intake of dha 20 mg/kg based on infants and young children.


  What are the effects of DHA?


  1. Enhance memory

  As a fatty acid, DHA is more effective in enhancing memory and thinking ability and improving intelligence. Population epidemiological studies have found that people with high DHA levels in the body have stronger psychological endurance and higher mental development index.


  2. Bright eyes

  It accounts for 60% of the total fatty acids in the retina. In the retina, 60 molecules of DHA-rich phospholipid molecules surround each rhodopsin molecule, making the retinal pigment molecules more visually sensitive.


  Add enough DHA to promote your baby's visual development as early as possible, help the baby to know the world earlier; stimulate the baby's brain development, let the intellectual enlightenment window lead the baby smarter and faster.


  The Anutric formula contains scientifically matched DHA and ARA. The reasonable ratio of DHA and ARA can help the baby to establish a perfect brain network. It also adds lutein to promote visual development, helping the baby's nerve signal to pass quickly. The brain enhances the baby's activity and improves the baby's intelligence.


  It also contains Swiss imported fruit extract, which is derived from the water of the Alps and is naturally, green and pollution-free. Rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and active substances, it not only balances baby's nutrition, but also prevents constipation.


  Adding DHA and ARA to the milk powder can help the child's brain development and make the baby smarter.


  Therefore, ramie must choose DHA and ARA milk powder when choosing baby milk powder for the baby, so that the baby grows smarter and healthier.


  This article was published by Anutric's official website (http://www.anutric.com/). Please indicate the source if it is reproduced.

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