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Autumn infants and common diseases

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2018/08/10 00:01
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After the fall, the humidity of the air gradually decreases, and the baby often has dry skin, nosebleeds and other discomforts.

  After the fall, the humidity of the air gradually decreases, and the baby often has dry skin, nosebleeds and other discomforts.


  What should parents do in this situation?

  1. Make sure your baby has enough sleep;


  2. Replenish water in time and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables;


  3. feeding, Bao Dabao mothers can choose Annuxi infant formula goat milk powder, [rich in gluten sheep whey protein], add natural extract fruit extract of goat milk powder, [Swiss imported fruit extract essence] It is a source of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and active substances, and it can also improve the immunity of the treasure;


  4. pay attention to the weather forecast, timely increase or decrease the clothing for the baby;


  5. on the diet, Bao Dabao mothers should choose ingredients such as nourishing yin, moistening the lungs, clearing heat, and calming the nerves;


  6. to avoid letting the baby stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, pay attention to prepare water heaters, parasols and other heatstroke items when going out.


  Autumn diarrhea

  The pathogens of the baby's autumn diarrhea are mostly rotavirus, and they have strong contagious power. Mom and Dad should remember that this season, you should diligently disinfect your baby's utensils, change your clothes, and pay attention to your hands. If your baby is suffering from autumn diarrhea, then pay attention to the isolation from the baby, do not take the baby to a crowded place, and pay attention to the baby to add more water.


  Pediatric scorpion

  I believe that Mom and Dad must be very confused, summer should be the high season of children's nephew. In fact, summer is really easy to send the disease, but the mother and mother's careful care, the baby can prevent the incidence of children's throat. However, with the arrival of autumn, the human body has already felt cool in the morning and evening. Many moms and dads may have neglected the care of the baby, but it is easy for the baby to suffer from a child's throat. Therefore, Mom and Dad should also pay attention to bathing the baby and applying talcum powder to the baby.


  Allergic rhinitis

  In autumn, the temperature changes greatly, and the autumn wind will increase the amount of dust in the air. The baby's resistance is weak, which is easy to cause baby rhinitis. When your baby has symptoms of rhinitis, always wipe your nose with your nose, keep the room ventilated, and keep the air fresh. Bring your baby to a doctor in time.



  If the baby's fruit in the summer is not completely cleaned, it is easy to infect the eggs. In the autumn, the eggs will parasitize in the baby's intestines and form adult worms, so Mom and Dad remember to go to the hospital regularly to deworm or take deworming drugs.



  Remember not to take too much anti-cold medicine, not to use antibiotics easily, because more than 90% of the colds are caused by viruses. Antibiotics are not only ineffective, but have side effects and increase resistant bacteria. The better way is to rest more, drink more water, and use some Chinese medicine and cold towel to cool down.


  Night sweats

  In the autumn, children are prone to sweating. Pay attention to the appropriate increase or decrease of clothes with temperature. If the clothes are wet, they should be replaced in time to avoid a cold. The Chinese medicine Yupingfeng has a good antiperspirant effect.


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