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"Lactose intolerance" baby's diet conditioning reveals

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2018/06/25 00:01
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The baby has symptoms such as diarrhea and bloating after drinking milk or eating dairy products, which may be caused by lactose intolerance.

  The baby has symptoms such as diarrhea and bloating after drinking milk or eating dairy products, which may be caused by lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerance, in simple terms, is a disorder that occurs when the intestinal tract breaks down lactose, causing discomfort in the child's gastrointestinal tract. Some babies will have diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain... Other babies will have bad conditions such as belching, nausea, and spitting milk. A careful mother will find that the child will have gastrointestinal discomfort after eating milk, but the problem of eating yogurt will be much less, and it is considered that the child has a phenomenon of being tired of milk. In fact, this confirms the problem of lactose intolerance in children. Because yogurt is a dairy product that is fermented with certain lactic acid bacteria, some of the lactose has been decomposed inside, so the child's problem is smaller.


  The main causes of lactose intolerance are:


  Lack of lactase: primary lactase deficiency, secondary lactase deficiency. Lactase secretion is reduced or activity is reduced, and continued consumption of milk can cause lactose intolerance. When the baby is suffering from lactose intolerance, the mother may wish to control the dietary adjustment to reduce the adverse reactions caused by lactose intolerance.

  1.choose pure sheep formula goat milk powder

  Any dairy product contains lactose, a natural ingredient, but the amount of lactose contained in different foods varies. Lactose in goat milk is relatively low relative to milk and is closer to breast milk levels. Infants with growth and development are at a higher risk of lactose intolerance because of their relatively weak ability to digest lactose. Therefore, the choice of pure sheep formula goat milk powder, not only the lactose content is lower than milk. It also contains a very rich ATP ingredient, which helps to enhance the decomposition of lactose and reduce the problem of lactose intolerance in your baby.


  2. a small amount of drinking

  The physical condition of each child is different, and the causes of lactose intolerance also vary. Some children have abdominal distension and diarrhea when they drink a cup of milk, while some children may react when they drink half a cup of milk. For some babies whose symptoms are not too serious and their sensitivity is not so high, you can divide 1 cup into two cups, or even less, and drink it in small quantities when drinking milk on weekdays. There is a positive effect on the problem of improving lactose intolerance.


  3. eat with the grain

  Generally, children drink milk on an empty stomach, and the symptoms will be more serious. When mixed diet, the lactose concentration of milk will be "diluted" in a specific environment. You can let your child eat some biscuits before drinking milk or drinking milk to reduce intestinal venting and relieve discomfort. Also try adding some cereals to eat.


  4. milk noodles mixed to eat

  Milk noodles refers to milk and noodles, and then steamed, fried, baked and other different ways to make a variety of pasta, such as milk taro, milk twist, milk bread, these noodles are soft and delicious, nutritious, can be used as a baby breakfast choice .


  5.skillfully drink yogurt

  Yogurt is produced by fermentation after adding certain lactic acid bacteria. During the fermentation process, 20%-30% of the lactose in the raw milk is decomposed into lactic acid, and the protein and fat are decomposed into small components. The minerals beneficial to the human body such as calcium, iron and zinc are also decomposed and are not resistant to lactose. For babies, it is a good choice for yogurt that is easier to digest.

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