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Milk powder is agglomerated, insoluble, wall-hanging, and tastes light. I have read this article!

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2018/04/27 00:01
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The real "caking" is a mass of powdered milk that cannot be pulled apart. If it is not tightly closed after opening the can, the milk powder absorbs the moisture in the air, which may cause the milk powder to be wet or agglomerate.

  1. Why does the formula sometimes appear to be "caking" and looks very moist?


  The real "caking" is a mass of powdered milk that cannot be pulled apart. If it is not tightly closed after opening the can, the milk powder absorbs the moisture in the air, which may cause the milk powder to be wet or agglomerate.


  When the milk powder is opened, sometimes a small cluster is seen, which looks like wet or agglomerated, but it is not agglomerated when it is scattered with a spoon. Mainly due to the extrusion and friction in milk powder transportation, the viscosity and fluidity of the milk powder are changed, so that the formation of a small cluster of milk powder is a normal phenomenon, not a quality problem of milk powder.


  2. Why is the solubility of the formula milk powder not good, sometimes the white spots on the wall and the bottom of the bottle are not dissolved?


  High-temperature milk powder may cause denaturation and precipitation of milk powder protein, resulting in poor fast-dissolving, wall-hanging, white-bottomed bottle bottom; too low temperature to adjust milk powder is also likely to cause poor fast-dissolving. Secondly, the hardness of water can cause changes in the solubility of milk powder. Some formulas add higher levels of active substances such as bovine colostrum, casein phosphopeptide (CPP), alpha-lactalbumin, lactoferrin, etc., because of their nutritional activity, dry blending into milk powder In the inside, there will also be slow dissolution, white spots on the bottom of the bottle wall, which is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the quality of the milk powder. In order to increase the instant solubility of milk powder, some manufacturers add solubilizing substances, so it seems that the instant solubility is particularly good, and there is no insoluble matter at the bottom of the bottle, but the addition of the fast solvent is not safe for the baby.


  Solution: Pay attention to the temperature and the method of brewing the milk powder. When the bottle is brewed, do not use too much water and reserve a certain amount of space. For different batches of products, the solubility will be slightly different, but they are all subject to strict quality inspection before leaving the factory. Only products with solubility index within the qualified range can be shipped.


  3. Method of reducing wall hanging phenomenon

  The correct milk preparation method:

  Put warm water in the bottle first, then put a spoonful of milk powder. When placing the milk powder, put 1 2 tablespoons, gently shake it in the horizontal direction, and clamp the bottle back and forth with both hands, instead of adding the milk powder all at once and shaking it vigorously up and down.


  The water temperature cannot be too high:

  50_55 degrees of warm water. The reason why the foam is much after the milk powder is adjusted is because the protein in the product has foaming property, and it is normal to produce a small amount of foam during the brewing process, which does not affect the consumption. If too much foam is produced during the brewing, it is mostly caused by incorrect up and down shaking or excessive shaking. If you use the left and right to gently shake, you can avoid a lot of foam.


  4. Why are some milk powders relatively light in taste, not very sweet, not particularly fragrant?


  In the formula, casein and whey protein are prepared by adding whey protein in proportion to the amount of breast milk. Not all of them are fresh milk, and the taste is light, and the formula without adding sucrose or white sugar is not very sweet.


  Some manufacturers add additives such as thickeners, non-dairy creamers, flavors and saccharin to the milk powder, making the milk powder taste good, especially sweet and especially fragrant. But these substances are not helpful to your baby's health, increasing the burden on your baby's body.


  4.milk powder brewing tips?

  1 Wash hands with soap and water before brewing.

  2 bottles, pacifiers, caps and other equipment should be boiled and disinfected.


  3 brewing boiled water must be completely boiled, do not use electric hot water bottle hot water, because it does not reach the boiling point or boiling time is not enough. The brewing water must be adjusted to the appropriate temperature (50_55 ° C), and the water drops to the inside of the wrist, feeling similar to the body temperature.


  4 Read carefully the instructions on the tank. The amount of milk powder and the amount of water to be prepared must be brewed according to the instructions on the can, and the concentration of milk is too thick or too thin, which will affect the health of the baby.


  5 If you are brewing a large amount of milk at a time, you should immediately store the soaked milk in the refrigerator and eat it in one day. Never put the milk at room temperature.


  5. milk powder brewing method?

  Allow boiled water to cool between 50 and 55 degrees and pour into a cleaned and sterilized bottle.


  Using a teaspoon in the powdered milk bucket, add 1 teaspoon of milk powder to 30ML of water.


  Shake the bottle clockwise or counterclockwise until the milk powder is completely dissolved in the water.


  Drop a few drops of milk on the back of the hand, test the temperature, the body temperature of 37 degrees is the best temperature.


  This article is provided by Anutric's official website (http://www.anutric.com/). If you have a reprint, please indicate the source.

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