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The baby is always sweating after falling asleep, what is going on?

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2018/04/27 00:01
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 Many new mothers are very scared about this. I don't know if the child is ill. Therefore, here is here to tell you what it is like to sweat after the baby falls asleep.

  Many new mothers are very scared about this. I don't know if the child is ill. Therefore, here is here to tell you what it is like to sweat after the baby falls asleep.


  In fact, the phenomenon of sweating after the baby goes to sleep is a normal phenomenon. Because the nerve development in infancy is incomplete, after the sleep, the sympathetic nerves on the sweat glands are no longer controlled by the brain and produce excitement, which will secrete a lot of sweat. . If the baby does not have crying and cyanosis at night, then the new mother does not need to worry about it at all. Don't worry about this phenomenon. If you are worried that your child will get cold, just use a dry towel to help your child dry the sweat. Generally this situation will only last for about two hours, so we don't have to worry too much about it. This phenomenon occurs from infancy to 7-year-old children and is a physiological sweating that disappears after the child's nervous system is fully developed.


  However, if the child has night sweats, sleeplessness, crying, chest tightness, horror and other abnormal phenomena, the baby's body is too weak, the child should be supplemented with adequate nutrition, so that the child can eat more calcium and vitamins. High food. If you have a long-term sleep disorder, you should go to the hospital for a doctor, do a detailed examination, and then symptomatic treatment.


  The child is our darling, every detail of the child will cause us to be choppy, but we must calmly and rationally deal with the child's affairs.

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