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Scorpion and eczema struck, how to make your baby stable in summer?

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2017/07/13 00:01
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 In summer, the temperature is very high, and the baby sweats more and the exposed parts of the body are more likely to be infected with various skin diseases. 

  In summer, the temperature is very high, and the baby sweats more and the exposed parts of the body are more likely to be infected with various skin diseases. It is very difficult for a baby to be infected with skin diseases. How should mothers care and how to care? Today, Xiaobian will introduce the knowledge about skin diseases to my mothers. Come and collect them.


  First, the scorpion

  1. Features

  The scorpion is caused by the continuous soaking of sweat on the surface of the skin, which causes the stratum corneum of the sweat tube to become soft and block, and the sweat cannot be discharged into the sweat tube. The occurrence of scorpions is related to the temperature and humidity of the external environment.


  In general, the scorpion is a small rash that appears red, often accompanied by a whitish tip. The scorpion usually occurs in a sweaty or stressed area. If the mother uses a posture to hold the baby, the limb on which the baby is pressed may have a long lice.


  2. Nursing methods

  After the baby has a long scorpion, the mother should always clean the skin to prevent the sweat from accumulating, which will disappear quickly. If the skin cleansing work is not done well, it will cause skin infection, and there will be a small thick head on the scorpion. When there is a small thick head on the scorpion, the mother can use 75% alcohol for disinfection. If the pustule grows up, apply antibiotic ointment, and if it is serious, go to the hospital.


  3. Prevention methods

  Scorpion care is easy, but if you don't want the lice to recur, you need to do preventive work.


  (1) reduce baby sweating

  Mother should let the baby in a cool environment, use the air conditioner reasonably, don't wear too much quilt to cover it too thick, try to make the baby sweat less.


  (2) timely removal of sweat

  After the baby sweats after exercise, the mother should give him a sweat or bath in time. When the baby is sleeping, the mother should always help him to turn over and prevent the sweat from soaking the skin.


  Second, eczema

  1. Features

  There are many forms of eczema, but they are usually larger than the lice. Some eczema will seep out and feel sticky. Eczema is itchy and recurrent, and it is good and bad, which makes people headache.


  2. Nursing methods

  Usually, applying eczema cream for two or three days will make the eczema disappear. If there is a lot of eczema, the eczema ointment is not ideal, you can use both eczema ointment and hormonal ointment.


  3. Prevention methods

  There are many causes of eczema, which may be related to allergies and may be related to the environment. Repeated episodes are characteristic of eczema. Mom should not give him any remedies because of his distressed mother.


  (1) reduce allergens

  Mothers should give breast milk to their babies, which will reduce the stimulation of allogeneic proteins in milk. Chicken, fish, meat, eggs and other foods containing protein, mothers should gradually grow slowly as they add. If the mother has an allergy after adding a certain kind of food, the mother should stop immediately.


  (2) Prevent excessive sweating

  Mom should control the indoor temperature, and don't let the baby wear too much.


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