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Baby skin is very delicate, 7 ways to get it!

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2016/12/20 00:01
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  How to care for your baby's skin? How much do you know about your child's skin? Many mothers have such problems during childcare. The baby's skin is delicate, and daily care should be careful, but I don't know if the child's skin has the following 7 characteristics. Just follow the 7 treatment methods below!

  How to care for your baby's skin? How much do you know about your child's skin? Many mothers have such problems during childcare. The baby's skin is delicate, and daily care should be careful, but I don't know if the child's skin has the following 7 characteristics. Just follow the 7 treatment methods below!


  First, easy to absorb foreign objects

  Because the baby's skin is easily absorbed by foreign substances, the baby's skin absorbs more than the adult for the same amount of chemicals in the toiletries, and the reaction to allergic substances or toxic substances is much stronger. Therefore, to protect your baby's skin, the first step for your mother is to choose the right toiletries.


  What you should do:

  1. Choose baby-specific toiletries;

  2. try not to use adult toiletries to replace;

  3. pay attention to the dose used each time.


  Second, easy to damage friction

  The skin of the baby is only one tenth of the thickness of the adult skin. The epidermis is a single layer of cells. The adult is a multi-layered cell. The collagen fibers in the dermis are less and less elastic. They are not only easily penetrated by foreign objects, but also easily cause skin by friction. Damaged. Therefore, in order to avoid damage to the baby's skin, the second thing the mother has to do is to carefully select the daily necessities that are often in contact with the baby's skin.


  What you should do:

  1. Use pure cotton, soft and easy to absorb close-fitting clothing and diapers;

  2. Wash clothes and diapers with weak alkaline soap;

  3. select the fine and high-quality baby talcum powder, and apply the wrinkles.


  Third, the ability to control acid and alkali is poor

  Infant skin development is incomplete, only a layer of natural acidic protective film on the skin surface to protect the skin and prevent bacterial infection. Therefore, mothers must pay attention to protect the protective film on the outer layer of this skin.


  What you should do:

  1. Wash your baby's skin without alkaline toiletries. Those toiletries containing soap, alcohol and irritating ingredients are very damaging to your baby's skin protective film.


  2. should choose ph value neutral or baby-specific toiletries.

  Fourth, the stratum corneum is not yet mature

  The stratum corneum of the baby's skin is not yet mature, the dermis and fibrous tissue are thinner, the skin is very young and sensitive, and the ability to resist dry environment is weak. Therefore, mother needs to apply lotion to the baby.


  What you should do:

  1. Select and use baby-specific moisturizers that do not contain fragrance or alcohol;


  2. Adults who are in constant contact with the baby should preferably use the same baby moisturizer as the baby;


  3. Don't change the brand at will.


  Fifth, the pigment layer of the skin is thin

  Baby skin has very little melanin production, so the pigment layer is relatively thin and is easily burned by ultraviolet rays in the sun. Therefore, mothers may need to change their mindset: the main purpose of sunscreen is not only for beauty, but to protect the skin, especially for babies.


  What you should do:

  1. Sunlight is good for your baby's health and can prevent rickets, but excessively strong ultraviolet rays can damage the natural tissues in your baby's skin. Therefore, the baby should not be exposed to the sun.


  2. when the baby goes out, you need to apply baby-specific sunscreen.


  Sixth, weak body temperature regulation

  The baby's sweat glands and blood circulation system are still in the developmental stage, and the body temperature regulation ability is far less than that of adults. Therefore, when the ambient temperature rises, the baby's body temperature will also increase. Therefore, pay attention to the baby's warm and cold is the homework that my mother often does.


  What you should do:

  1. Don't wear too much for your baby. The bedding should also be moderately thick, that is, it should not be wrapped too tightly in the cold winter;


  2. If your baby is sweaty, wipe it with a soft dry towel.


  Seven, poor resistance

  The baby's own immune system is not perfect, and the resistance is weak, so skin allergies such as erythema, rash, papules, blisters, and even peeling are more likely to occur. Therefore, you should be alert to avoid irritating your baby's skin.


  What you should do:

  1. Try to use baby shower gel and baby soap without irritant;


  2. the baby needs to take a bath every day, but shower gel and baby soap are not needed every day, it should be used every other day or every other day.


  3. baby lacrimal gland development is not mature, can not secrete enough tears to protect the eyes, therefore, their eyes are very vulnerable to external stimuli. Mothers should choose shampoo or shampoo for baby, try to avoid using adult shampoo or 2-in-1 shampoo.


  Tips: Your baby's skin is delicate, and my mother needs special care, especially in this dry winter. As long as you pay attention to the characteristics of your baby's skin, you can better care your baby's skin.


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