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Parents, you should wake up your baby’s curiosity

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2016/08/03 00:01
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 A curious baby will spontaneously touch the world and then recognize the world. When the baby reaches the "reviewing countless" through curiosity, their learning ability will naturally become quite powerful.

  A curious baby will spontaneously touch the world and then recognize the world. When the baby reaches the "reviewing countless" through curiosity, their learning ability will naturally become quite powerful. So the baby's curiosity is a good thing. Curiosity-rich babies, the general problem is more, when the answer reaches a certain number, the baby will behave smarter than other children. Awakening the baby's curiosity is a very important part of the baby's early education work. So let us tell parents how to wake up the baby's curiosity?


  When a child asks questions because of curiosity, parents should answer positively.

This kind of positive can encourage children to ask questions. For babies before the age of 2, we have to read the curious eyes of the children, because they are not very likely to ask questions in words. Therefore, many parents are easy to forget the baby before the age of 2, and this is a crucial period to cultivate baby curiosity.


  Guide your child to curiosity by mobilizing the baby’s facial features

  The five organs of the ear, ear, nose and tongue correspond to different cognitive worlds. To cultivate children's curiosity, we must use these basic methods to educate children to contact the world. There are more contacts and more natural curiosity. That is, we must cultivate the baby's multiple curiosity. Specifically, you can let your child feel the size of the washbasin, feel the smoothness of your skin and the skin of the parents; listen to - listen to the different rhythms of music, feel fast and slow; know different colors, maybe the child will be curious Ask why the apple is red and the orange is orange?


  More contact with fresh, bright things helps to inspire children's curiosity

  This is a supplement to the previous two points. Children are small, but they are already ghostly, so parents should not let their children repeatedly touch the same thing, even if this curiosity is equal, it is best to change a new thing. Fresh styling and bright colors are the driving force behind your child's curiosity. An unprecedented experience will inspire your child's curiosity.


  Also pay attention to the spiraling of the baby's learning style when cultivating curiosity.


  That is to say, at different stages, even if you face the same thing, you may have different curiosities, so parents can use the same object to guide children's different curiosity periodically.


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