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Early teaching asks big, "partial science" must not

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2016/07/27 00:01
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 Early education is not simply literacy, arithmetic, foreign language, music, etc. It is a comprehensive development education including physical exercise, intellectual development, and moral quality enlightenment.

  Early education is not simply literacy, arithmetic, foreign language, music, etc. It is a comprehensive development education including physical exercise, intellectual development, and moral quality enlightenment.


  Infant education

  From birth to 6 months is the training of infant hearing and vision. Infants can be induced by colorful toys within 1 month of birth. In 2 months, they will talk face-to-face with the baby in a friendly language, let the children listen to music, use the toy with the sound to attract the baby’s attention, and make the baby laugh. The child's vision and hearing are concentrated, helping the baby to look up and turn over during exercise.


  After 6 months, you should help the baby learn to climb, hold and stand, make the child's vision expand, accept a lot of stimulation, make the brain develop, give the child some toys, learn to catch, play, talk with the baby, encourage The child speaks and says simple words.


  Early childhood education

  Early childhood education is very important, children's psychological awareness activities are strengthened, language is rapidly developed, and the level of thinking is gradually formed and improved. This period of time is fully qualified for education. In addition to physical exercise, the following education is required:


  1. Education in moral education:

  From the beginning of the child, the child should be educated in moral education. For example, if a child of 1 year old is beaten and crying if he is not satisfied, then the adult uses expressions and gestures to tell the child that this is wrong, not a good child, and gradually use storytelling or albums. The picture in the picture to educate the child, and can gradually distinguish between right and wrong. I began to teach children some civilized terms. When educating children, parents should set an example and set an example. Educating children should be based on praise and encouragement.


  2. Develop good behavior habits:

  Eating habits --- Let the children eat on time, do not eat while eating, not picky eaters, not anorexia. Sleep habits --- sleep on time, get up on time. Hygienic habits -- Wash your hands, wash your face, wash your hands before and after meals. Labor habits --- Parents can't let their children work because their children are not working thoroughly or clean. This is not conducive to cultivating children's habit of loving labor. Learning habits --- When a child is 3 years old, he must teach him to read, count, listen to music, and simple foreign words.


  3. Intellectual development:

  The game is the favorite activity of the child. In the game, the child not only exercises the body, but also learns in the imitation. It cultivates attention, observation, learns some movements and skills, and can accumulate experience, enrich knowledge and thinking ability in the game. It is improved, making the brain of the child flexible and conducive to the development of intelligence.


  Storytelling is also an important method of intellectual development. You should choose stories that are knowledgeable, scientific, and interesting, so that children can gain knowledge in the story and be educated in the story.


  Children should also be educated in the United States. They often take children to visit parks, outings, visit museums, science museums, zoos, teach children to paint, listen to music, etc. They have been influenced by beauty since childhood, evoking children's pursuit of beauty and yearning, and improving children's aesthetic ability.


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