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Baby defendant? What should parents do?

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2016/07/19 00:02
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 If your child is already in kindergarten, they will definitely deal with other children. The children can't help but quarrel and fight, so there is a complaint, their child is accused, or it is a complaint to others. So, what should I do as a parent at this time?

  If your child is already in kindergarten, they will definitely deal with other children. The children can't help but quarrel and fight, so there is a complaint, their child is accused, or it is a complaint to others. So, what should I do as a parent at this time?


  Refuse to be a short-term protector

  Some parents are very fond of their children, which is very short-term protection. When they hear their children and others are noisy, they may immediately rush to worry about whether their children are physically injured. If they find that their children fall or cry, they may reprimand other children's children. This is the short-term behavior. . However, such behavior is not conducive to the child's growth, may lead to the child's more deliberate behavior, will make the child to make more excessive things in the future. So as a parent, don't do anything like this.


  2. Do not fight as a referee

  There is also a kind of parent who, when they hear their child being accused, will immediately become a referee to see if their child is obedient or not. Such a state will satisfy the self-respect of the children who report, and they will have a sense of accomplishment. However, it is not necessary to be a referee and judge the child whether there is "sin". Because the feelings of the children are the weather in June, the change will change, and it will be noisy for a while, and it will be a good friend for a while, so parents do not need to be true.


  3. Don't be too harsh

  Some parents are too strict with their children. Regardless of the cause of the dispute, they will always blame their children first. However, it is also a very bad behavior to appease children in other countries, because it will hurt the self-esteem of their children. After all, it is impossible for each child to quarrel. Therefore, parents can not blame the children indiscriminately, but should pay attention to the situation, and then understand the facts.


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