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Exploring the Anutric production base The venue of the first International Dairy Culture Festival

2019/08/15 15:47
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On July 28th, Anda's first International Dairy Culture Festival kicked off. More than 600 people from domestic and international elites gathered in Anda City to enjoy the history and culture of Anda Dairy, and to jointly seek the development of the dairy industry and become a key node in the revitalization of the dairy industry. A big event.

  On July 28th, Anda's first International Dairy Culture Festival kicked off. More than 600 people from domestic and international elites gathered in Anda City to enjoy the history and culture of Anda Dairy, and to jointly seek the development of the dairy industry and become a key node in the revitalization of the dairy industry. A big event.

  Anda City is closely related to the development of China's dairy industry. Since the founding of New China, the Anutric production base, as the country's first mechanized dairy factory, produced the first cheese to be put on the state banquet, breeding the first Chinese black and white cows, building The first Sino-foreign joint venture dairy company has accumulated more than 70 years of dairy industry cultural accumulation. It can be said that the first International Dairy Culture Festival is of great significance.




  On the opening day, the gate of the Anutric production base was opened, and the guests from all directions were welcomed. The base covers an area of ​​300 mu and is praised by the garden-style factory. Walking into it, the buildings are quaint and tree-lined, reminding people of their long history. The layout of the base is scientific and complete, and the buildings in the park also exude a strong exotic atmosphere, telling people that the glory years belong to the era. Once, a well-known high-quality milk powder was born here, creating the first in the history of domestic milk powder. After the founding of New China, the first mechanized dairy company was born here, and in the future development, the first Chinese military milk powder production enterprise was established, and the first Chinese dairy company to win the international dairy competition was born. And the first Chinese dairy company to go abroad to help build foreign dairy products. Today, every can of Anutric milk powder is born here, from here to all parts of the country.


  On the day of the festival, invited guests and a large number of people commemorated the cards, participated in various activities of the Cultural Festival, and visited the China Cheese Development History Lodge. Everyone exchanges ideas, conducts in-depth discussions, and also explores the secrets of the rapid development of Anutric. The base was built in 1952. Since its establishment, the production technology, process equipment, and product quality have always been at the forefront of the industry. In 2018, it has put into production of advanced production lines, using imported high-end equipment, and the productivity has reached a new level. The guests at the scene praised: "On the one hand, it is nearly 70 years of experience accumulation and quality pursuit, holding the cultural soft power deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, on the other hand, the application of the industry's top equipment, and grasping the hard power of cutting-edge technology, Annuchi satisfied. The demand for high-end milk powder in the market naturally takes a step on the road of high quality development."




  It is understood that the Anutric production base has maintained a record of 0 quality safety accidents since its establishment. The products have been on the stage of the state banquet (the products were used for state banquets to entertain the former US President Nixon) and participate in the formulation of national milk powder standards. These legends and traditions still affect every employee involved in production today. It is also relying on this profound cultural accumulation, Anutric does not disgrace the mission, the pursuit of quality from source selection, product formulation, product production, terminal sales to after-sales service throughout. At the beginning of product development, Annus was selected globally, and finally chose the imported goat milk source of NL45° gold milk source. The goat milk here is pure and safe, and can meet the requirements of Anutric's quality. In terms of formula, for the growth needs of Chinese babies, Anutric milk powder is added with fruit extracts from the internationally renowned brand supplier Naturex Switzerland. In other nutrient additions, Anuchi is also striving for excellence, ensuring effective quantity and high quality. In production and testing, a can of Annuich milk powder has to go through 31 links, and it can be sold through more than 300 tests. The quality monitoring is strict, only to ensure the quality and reliability, to ensure the safety of each milk powder.




  Over the years, Annus's philosophy of "100% maternal love, making the baby stronger" has been consistent on the road of rapid development. In order to meet the needs of more babies and families, Annus' product line has covered all ages of infants and children, including goat milk powder and milk powder. Among them, infant formula milk powder is pure goat whey protein + pure goat milk. Adhere to the addition of zero milk and gain the trust and respect of partners. In the children's milk powder, Gold+Children's Growth Formula and its Bezier Children's Growth series focus on the growth of Chinese children. It adopts a balanced diet formula to meet the nutritional needs of children over 3 years old and take care of every step of the baby's growth. In response to the prevailing symptoms and symptoms of expectant mothers during pregnancy, Anutric has created Gold+ formula goat milk powder and Gold+ formula milk powder, specially added with Swiss imported fruit and vegetable extracts, and multiple nutrition to meet the needs of mothers and baby development. With many product lines and assured quality, Anutric has made breakthroughs in the market and has become the benchmark brand for high-end milk powder.

  Anda City is a gathering area of ​​dairy processing industry in China. It is a frontier city of dairy technology. The first International Dairy Culture Festival was successfully held, which provided opportunities for the industry elites to exchange ideas and the historical heritage of the Anutric production base. Walking in the base and looking back, the development of the domestic dairy industry has been talked about; at present, the efficient production line of Anneuci is impressive. Facing the future, relying on the deep accumulation of dairy culture and production technology, Anutric will continue to adhere to the goal of “doing high-quality infant formula milk powder for Chinese, let Chinese baby drink high quality and assured milk powder” and continue to internationalize through milk source. We will continue to work with top-level operational standards and production efficiency to create a first-class infant food business, create superior quality milk powder, and contribute to the revitalization of the national dairy industry.


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